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I can stay awake for days...

I can stay awake for days

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Edward was back, Ana stared as the silver Volvo pulled up outside the building. Bella tensed her jaw but soon softened it as Ana placed a hand on her shoulder. "Look, he's clearly not worth it Bells. You are a great person and anyone would be lucky to have you, you two aren't even friends yet and he's got you wrapped around his stupid pale finger."

Bella knew her friend was right, she wasn't friends with Edward, she didn't even know him. Bella sighed and looked down at the brunette, "Sorry, Ana, you're right." A grin plastered itself on Anastasia's face. "What are you sorry for? Come on, I want to go to Biology!" Ana exclaimed as she grabbed Bella's wrist.

Bella didn't move, Ana sighed and looked at the girl who had a puzzled expression on her face. "What is it?" Ana asked as concern laced itself throughout her words. Bella licked her lips and blinked slowly. "I - Something feels off about them, the way they stare. It feels like the can hear everything no matter how far away they are. I mean look at them!" Bella quietly exclaimed as Ana turned her head.

It was in fact true, they were staring, they turned back around as they were caught. All of them except Jasper of course. Ana stared right back at him as he tilted his head to the left, Ana copied his actions as if he were controlling her. She felt drawn to the blonde, like she should be on the other side of the parking lot with him. She felt like she should be beside Jasper.

A horn broke the girl's stare as she looked directly at a car speeding towards her and Bella, without thinking Ana pushed Bella out of the way and closed her eyes bracing for impact. "Anastasia! Look out!" Mike called from a car nearby.

Ana wanted to move but her legs were like concrete, there was a sound of the van hitting Bella's truck but no pain came to Ana. Instead was a chilling feeling, looking down she had noticed that pale arms were wrapped around her frame. Her brown eyes followed up the arm and met a pair of golden brown eyes.

"Jasper." She whispered out as he let her go and sped off. Emotions filled her body entirely as she saw a clear handprint dented in the van. Confusion, curiosity and fear was swarming her mind. "Oh, my god! Somebody call 911!" Tyler dropped his window and looked at the girl while blood oozed out of a cut from his forehead.

"Ana, I'm really sorry."


Ana sat on the hospital bed as the door burst open revealing two adults. One her brother, who had a furious expression on along with one of panic and Carlisle Cullen. "Ana!" Rowen cried as he ran up to his little sister. Ana gave a soft smile as she watched her brother get closer.

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