Chapter Eleven.

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I wake the next day in my own bed down in the West Wing, Fallon sitting up on her bed staring at me. "What are you doing?" I grumble, rolling over to face away from her, my head still aching dully.

"I am..." She yawns. "Under strict orders to watch you carefully."

I flip back and look at her, the droopiness of her eyes giving her away. "You didn't sleep at all?" I ask and she shakes her head and yawns again. "Oh my god, Fallon, what did you think was going to happen to me?"

"Not me." She smiled sleepily and stretched her long arms over her head. "The three men who insisted I not leave your side for even a second."

I shake my head and pull back my blankets. "Ok, well I didn't die in my sleep and we need to get ready. Although," I look her over. "You already look ready so here is what we're going to do." I take her by the shoulders and push her back onto her bed gently. "You're going to at least squeeze in a power nap while I go get in the shower and get dressed. I promise to behave."

She doesn't argue while I pull her covers up over her because her eyes are already closing.

I leave her there and head over to pick out something to wear, digging through my stuff until I find my Giants tank-top, hoping to get a rise out of Dalton by wearing it, and grab a pair of grey sweats. If today is going to be anything like yesterday, I need to be as comfortable as possible. And for that, I need my lucky grey sweats. They got me though advanced trigonometry and if they could do that, they can give me a little boost around here.

I glance back once at Fallon, making sure she really is going to get some sleep before I close the door behind me.

I can't believe she really stayed up and watched me the entire time.

She'd showed up last night to Pedro's room only minutes after they'd left. I told her everything, and instead of freaking out, or prying with more questions, she shook it off and started telling me about this guy Trent who had said hi to her. She never failed to make me laugh and I thought again how lucky I was to have her.

After a few hours she and Lance walked me back to my room and I finally got some sleep. I'd kind of thought that Dalton would come too, but he and Pedro must have been tied up in their meetings still, or he just didn't want to see me anymore now that the drama was over.

I couldn't pin why the thought bugged me so bad, or why Eyan's pretty face kept popping into my head, so I try my best to shut out all of my thoughts and just focus on my shower.

When I get out I get ready, dressing quickly, and then quietly inch out into the main room, not wanting to wake Fallon until we absolutely had to go. I picked up my phone and went back into the bathroom.

The phone barely rang through once before she answered.

"Rose." She smiles into the phone. "Calvin, get in here!" She shouts.

"That her?" He asks at her side, then two more voices fill in the background.

"Hey, everyone." I say quietly, just the sounds of their voices easing some of the tension I didn't even realize I was still carrying in my chest. "I miss you all so much."

"We miss you too, baby." Mom says, and I can already tell she's crying.

"So much." Dad adds. "How is it? I heard you had your first class."

"Who's your teacher?" Octavia chimes in.

I laugh at them, my perfectly amazing little family.

"Mom, stop crying." I say first and I hear her laugh. "I'm doing totally fine, everything is like I hopped it would be and no one has tried to kill me or marry me yet, so I'm already off to a better start then you." I joke. "Seriously though, don't worry. I'm doing great, and my roommate is amazing. Everyone has been really nice and my two bodyguards hardly let me cut my own food up so you have nothing to worry about."

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