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There is a lot more
under that red-lipped smirk,
maybe he's no jerk.


"Shut up." I groaned, literally face palming. I was dead wrong about it being okay to lose to Eutass-ya. So far, everything I've thought about him had always been proven wrong.

         "What did you say? I didn't hear it over you losing by 17 strokes." Kidd struggled with his words since his lungs wouldn't let him do anything but laugh.

        "You are the definition of an asshole."

        "Thanks babe."

        "A babe is a baby pig, and last time I checked I had the anatomy of a human male."

         "Way to kill the mood." Kidd grumbled slightly as he unlocked the doors to his big red truck.

          "There was never a mood to kill."

          "Ouch." He smirked, putting a large hand over his heart to fake a deep sense of hurt. Somehow, Eutass-ya always managed to keep smiling and smirking no matter what sly comeback I threw at him. All I wanted was to make him upset so that he would leave me alone.

         Can me a sadist, but I like to get under people's skin.

         It will make me a great surgeon one day.

         "I know a place with great pizza, and they stay open all night. If you wanna~I mean like if you hungry we could get some." He rambled before scratching his neck and looking at his boots on the gas pedal. Eutass-ya nervous? This was the version I liked more. "If you not hungry that's cool too. Totally, I can drop you home..."

           "That last sentence didn't even make sense," I chuchkled to the window as I saw Kidd's face start to match the color of his hair. "but I could go from some pizza."

           "Awesome." Kidd's signature expression went right back to being plastered on his face, and I was starting to think that maybe there was more to the greasy mechanic.

          Hopefully, this time he wouldn't prove me wrong.


Kid pov

        "Your orders will be right out. Would you like some complementary bread sticks?"

         "Yes, please." I add the 'please' to impress Law, knowing Killer would be proud. My cousin had taught me everything I should know about manners. Right now, sitting in front of the hottest guy I'd seen in a long time, I wish I remembered more.

         Maybe, Killer will be nice enough to re-teach me.

        I mean, I really did own him on. Sending Law to my shop. It's not like I had been eyeing up the man since he first came to one of our parties. Sadly, every-time I saw him he was either sitting on the couch with that small boy on his lap, sleeping, or clinging to Killer's boyfriend, what's his name.

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