Hi Guys

                I'm sorry if I have to revise the story without prior notice. I am planning to submit this story to be published so everybody could have a copy. Kung hindi naman ma-publish, okay lang. At least maayos na yung story. Hindi na magulo. Kasi binasa ko siya ulit, naguluhan ako sobra. Hahaha! I hope you guys understand. I  changed Daniel and Kath's name, and I am sorry for that. I just have to. 

                Thank you guys for understanding and for still reading and adding this story to your reading list. At the end of this story, I'll give soft copies for 20 people who deserves to have it.

               I love you guys! I miss you :)



"We have to realize that love is not enough to make a relationship work. We need trust, respect, time, effort and total commitment. If a person doesn't earn your trust and cannot keep a promise. Then no matter how many times they say I love you...

Those word will be empty.

Take time to listen to what they don't say.

Take time to look at what they don't show.

Because there are secrets hidden beneath their words so do not let passion but Wisdom decide for you. Love wisely cause its never easy to love and get hurt."

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