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Chapter 3: Telling Gabe

I'm currently on a plane flying off to Texas. Gabe said he'd be waiting for me at the airport as soon as my flight landed. It's been about 5 years since Gabe moved to Texas after graduating high school and starting his own ranch. It's also been 5 years since I saw my big brother in person. He cut our parents out of his life because they didn't agree with him moving or doing ranch work. So he just upped and left. We kept in touch, but my parents thought I was too young to fly out on my own and Gabe didn't want to risk seeing our parents and he couldn't really leave his ranch for long.

"We are now descending into Clearwater Texas please make sure your seat belts are fastened?" the captain said over the speakers.

Once the plane was fully landed I got off immediately. The perks of taking first class and I was at the luggage claim quickly too. My bags weren't hard to find considering each was aqua with a white tiger on them. I had 4 suitcases in all, quite big ones. I had decided to leave a lot of my stuff at the house start fresh. It only took me a moment to find Gabe he still looked the same just older. Dirty blonde hair to his shoulder's, a fang piercing in his left ear, and green-gold eyes.

"Hey big bro," I smiled at him as he took 2 of my suitcases.

"My you sure have grown in the past 5 years B," he said giving me a hug. "How are the twins?"

"Same old same old," see since he left before the incident I never actually told him about Cav. Because if I had he would have dragged the whole story out of me, and would have flown over just to beat Cav up. So I never told him that Cav and I barley ever talked.

"Something seems different about you," he commented.

"Yeah I know. Look can we talk when we reach the Ranch. I did just spend 9 hours on a plane to fly here?"

"Sure. This way to my truck."

I just followed him aimlessly wondering when I'd met his girlfriend Arina. He had told me a lot about her, and had mentioned she lived at the neighboring ranch. He led me to a truck that had to be the newest model 5 years ago when he bought it. It was red and slowly showing signs of age. I just hopped right in although the jump up did hurt my right leg a little, but Gabe noticed my grimace of pain and before I could stop him he had rolled up my pant leg and gawked at it.

"B what happened to your leg?" he asked looking worried.

"It's just an old injury. Gabe nothing to worry about," I replied trying to brush it off.

"Belphina tell me what really happened to your leg," he ordered.

Somehow the story about what happened after he left between me and Cavien flowed out before I could stop it. I swear if Gabe hadn't been driving he would have punched a wall or something. You could see his knuckles turning white though as he gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"B why did you never tell me?" he asked trying to be calm.

"Because I knew you'd react this way Gabe and I don't need my big brother to go to jail for assaulting a kid," I answered. Cav was a kid then sort of.

"Fine, but I have a feeling that's not all that's going on with you," he said giving me a knowing look.

"As I said at the airport I will tell you when we get back to your place," I said. I don't want him to accidentally crash the car and end up killing us.

For the next half an hour we rode in silence passing the town Gabe talked about so often and my new school. When we pulled into his ranch I had my eyes wide open. It was huge. He had told me it was small, but the house could be considered a mansion and there were acres of land around us. There was also a huge barn and tons of animals everywhere.

"Welcome to Adri Green Pastures. B," Gabe said smiling at me.

"It's beautiful Gabe."

"I know I can't wait to take you horse back riding. You were really good when you were younger," he smiled at me.

"Um Gabe I don't think that's a good idea for a little while," I said shifting my gaze away.

"Why not?"

"Let's go inside first then I'll tell you."

Half an hour later we had all of my stuff in my new room. All that was left was for me to unpack later on. Now Gabe and I were l sitting at the table drinking tea well he looked at me expectantly.

"Ok Gabe now what I'm about to tell you no one else knows. Please don't get mad," I said hoping he wouldn't. "I'm pregnant Gabe."

Gabe sat there looking at me in shock. Then his eyes turned hurt and then angry. He looked like he wanted to throttle somebody.

"I thought you told me your reputation at school was fake," Gabe practically yelled.

"It is," I replied looking confused.

"Then why didn't you tell me the name of the father?" oh now I get it. He thinks I don't know who the father is and thats why I ran away.

"Gabe I know who the father is. The thing is we were both drunk when it happened and he doesn't remember. Plus I'm not going to tell you who he is," I replied.

"Why not. That jerk took advantage of you when you were drunk," see Gabe is very protective of me which is why I dreaded telling him.

"Gabe. I don't remember what happened exactly it could have been me who instigated it. The only reason I know is that I woke up beside him and the other telltale signs," I said slightly embarrassed.

"But he should take responsibility for you B!" he exclaimed.

"Look Gabe I don't want him to. I want to cut away my old life and take care of my baby. I need a doctors appointment. I'm 3 months along already. So I should start showing soon," I responded.

If Gabe ever found out it was Cavien there would be nothing to stop my brother from murdering him and then it would be my fault that my brother was sent to jail.

"We are going to be fine little sis. I'll protect you," Gabe said pulling me into his arms and for the first time in years I let myself cry.

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