Seth Rollins x Brie Bella x Daniel Bryan for SieraSmith6

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Kara giggled in my arms as I swung her around walking up to my parent's front door. I knocked three times just as I always did as Seth dragged his feet behind us, wishing he was anywhere but here right now. "It'll be alright," I whispered as he caught up to us both. We waited a couple of seconds longer until the door finally opened.

"Oh, it's you." My mum said bluntly, turning her nose up at Seth.

"Brie, who is it?" My dad shouted through. I smiled at my mum trying to brighten her mood, but she wasn't impressed.

"It's Siera, she's finally decided to show her face." She opened up the door completely ignoring Kara who was squealing in my arms. I took my shoes off, as did Seth, and then walked through to the front room to see my dad sat down with Josie in his lap. I let Kara down on the floor allowing her to crawl down, then grabbed Seth's hand and sat him down on the sofa next to me.

"You know, in the eighteen months you've decided to do away with us I would have at least thought you'd have had the common sense to get rid of him." I sighed at my mum's straight attitude, and the nasty look she shot Seth. I knew my parents didn't like him, why I don't know, but we learnt to adjust.

"Are you oblivious to the small child currently on your carpet?" Seth asked changing the subject to the matter at hand, and the reason why we were here. My mum and dad both looked down at Kara and froze to the spot.

"You didn't tell us you were babysitting." Seth and I looked at each other in complete disbelief. Kara pined crawling over to Seth and grabbing her teddy that was in his hand that he had taken out of the bag.

"Mum. Dad. This is Kara, your granddaughter." Dad's jaw hit the floor whilst mum ran out of the room. We all looked around at each other, only for her to return moments later with our coats and shoes.

"Get out." She bellowed throwing them at us. Kara began to cry in her father's arms whilst I sat down refusing to move. My dad looked over sternly at me, but I wasn't going to end this here.

"You can't just turn her away, you're her grandparents, she needs you, I need you." Seth picked Kara up and took her out of the room and into the garden so she didn't have to listen to all the commotion. "How can you be so rude? I know I didn't come and see you, but I was busy. We were both busy."

"How can you have been busy? You managed to get yourself pregnant, spend all the time in the world with Seth, but you couldn't come round and see us once." For the first time my dad began to raise his voice, signalling at that very moment I was most definitely in trouble.

"It's not that easy to make the distance when you're pregnant, plus I wanted to be with Seth on the road so I knew he was there." I hated shouting at my parents so tried to keep my voice at a miminal level, but their faces were telling me they'd react otherwise.

"Siera, Seth is no good for you, and now he has you pregnant and with whatever her name was-"


"Yeah sure. You are so blind you can't see it, but he doesn't love you, he messes you around and only bothers with you when he wants something doing, your father and I can see it, so why can't you?" I went to speak again but when I looked up I saw Seth back in the room.

"I'll have you know I love your daughter so very much, and it pains me that the two of you feel like I would treat her in such a way. If I didn't love Siera then wouldn't I have gone by now? Wouldn't I have gone the day I heard my babygirl cry for the first time? Instead I'm here having to remove her from the room because her grandparents can't even be bothered to know her name." I smiled as Seth walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. For the first time both my parents were absolutely speechless, and I was so smug about it. I stared between the two of them waiting for their response.

"I text the two of you and told her when she was born but did you even bother then? No. You really are so selfish. You don't hate Seth at all, you hate that I've grown up and you can't accept that. I'm a mother now and I can see how you feel, but none of this is Seth's fault, it's yours. He was willing to drive me here whenever I wanted so I could see you, but I knew you wouldn't want to see me."

"That's not true." My dad shouted jumping up from the chair. "You're welcome here whenever you want to come here and you know it."

"What about Seth?" My mum sighed and stepped forwards in front of my dad.

"Seth too, and little Kara, who deep down I am dying to meet." I looked back at Seth who smiled down at me, and walked out the room to go and get Kara. "We promise things are going to change sweetie." My mum smiled kissing the top of my head, just as Seth walked in.

He handed Kara to my mother first, who raised her high in the air and twirled her around. She cooed back down at her grandma making her smile. "She's a beauty, I'll give the two of you that," my dad said as he took her from my mum.

"Just like her grandad, isn't that right Daniel?" Mum leaned across and pecked my dad's cheek and then wrapped her arms around Seth, pulling us all forwards for a group hug.

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