1. That Night - part 1

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Follows chapter, two birds one stone, BUT instead of it being a memory scene, this is the ACTUAL scene from when they were 16.

This is the steamy scene from Jade and Julien's first time together in JULIEN'S POV.

This will be a one part, then Jade's pov on this will be the next chapter, followed by their 'morning after' shower scene which is remembered in the chapter "THAT NIGHT".

Hope you're ready!!! Eeeek!!!

Here we go.


*I listened to Halsey's 'Is there somewhere' and 'Roman Holiday" during this entire scene. It helps when you read. Im telling you. Put 'is there somewhere' on repeat.


I was so nervous as I stared down at the sparkling diamonds in the tiffany blue ring box.

Would she love it? Was it too much?

Of course it's too much you idiot. You got her a freaking engagement  ring as a birthday present.

I shook my head, blowing out a breath as my pulse beat out of my chest. I had this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had never experienced before, especially not with a girl.

But Jade wasn't just any girl. She is my best friend... forever.

The moment I decided to grow some balls and walk over to her house, I caught her standing outside as her dad drove off, her new car sitting in the driveway. She was ecstatic, the happiness in her eyes contagious to me.

"Happy Birthday Jae." I smiled down at her as she threw her arms around me, hugging me close. 

"Thank you." I could hear the smile in her voice even though her face was hidden. I felt like a man right now, giving an adult present to my best friend. I couldn't wait to see her reaction.

We spent a while checking out her new car, which she was in love with, before we went upstairs. I hadn't told her about the present yet, but I knew she knew I had one for her because I do every year, as does she for me.

She sat on her bed waiting expectantly with a sly smile on her lips, her eyes watching me knowingly. Letting out a chuckle, I shut the door to her room - which her mom wasn't home, it was just a habit. Pulling out the Tiffany ring box, I handed it to her and watched as her features transformed into one of awe.

Her jade eyes looked up at me with her mouth hanging open, then back down at the box in her hand. 

"No you didn't..." She whispered.

The moment she opened the lid, her hand went over her mouth as she gasped, her eyes watering as she stared down at the platinum ring with three princess cut diamonds in the middle, the center diamond being the largest. 

Tears fell down her cheeks as she looked back up to me and I felt something tug on my heart strings, my smile creeping onto my lips.

I had saved for a year for this and I wanted her to like it so much. 

"Oh god, Julien.." She whispered in awe, looking from the ring and back to me.. 

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