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I can bite my tongue...


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Anastasia ran a hand through her hair as she sighed, her eyes traveled from her knee high black boots, to her light blue skinny jeans, up to her white tank top and brown leather jacket. She slung a light blue scarf around her neck and picked up her purse making her way down the stairs.

"Ana! Hurry up!" Rowen yelled up the stairs, the brunette sighed and checked her bag looking for a pen. The girl smiled as she found two, one was hers and the other was Jasper's. Ana made her way down the stairs and into her brothers car. Rowen looked at his younger sister and gave her a grin.

Rowen started the car as Ana buckled her seatbelt, the brunette reached over and turned the radio on. The familiar sound of Green Day hummed through the speakers, Rowen tapped his fingers on the wheel to the beat as Ana bopped her head along.

"I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known." Rowen chimed in as he spoke the words as the song played, Ana smiled as she watched her brother. Music brought him peace and as long as Rowen was happy, Anastasia was happy.

"Don't know where it goes, but it's home to me and I walk alone." Ana laughed softly as his voice broke throughout speaking. Rowen rolled his eyes playfully and turned off the station as the two pulled up outside of the school building.

Ana sighed as she lifted her bag and put on a brave face, hesitantly she went to grab the handle. "I can see you're clearly not okay." Rowen said quietly, Ana's hand dropped as she turned to her brother.  Her head had dropped as he spoke, everything that left his lips was completely true.

"I miss them too, Anastasia. But we need to move on, you need to be happy, I need to be happy. Go on in there and put on a brave face for me, for mom and dad." Rowen pleaded as tears started to fill his eyes. Ana gasped, nodded and opened the door. "I promise." Rowen nodded as he sped off.

Doing as she promised a bright smile fell onto her lips, she pushed open the school doors and made her way over to her locker. She had Biology first and she was going to return Jasper's pen, though it wasn't anything special Ana wanted to return it to give her a reason to talk to him.

Her locker opened and she pulled out her book, she breathed out heavily and bit her tongue as she turned around. Closing her locker her eyes met with Bella's. She gave a smile and waved before walking over to the brunette.

"So, Biology?" Bella nodded as the two walked towards Mr Molina's class. Bella looked up at the girl, she looked like Jasper had yesterday; in pain. Bella decided not to bring up the subject and continued walking along with Ana.

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