Will we be together?

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It's morning and the second day of school. Lily is still shocked of what happen yesterday. Her mind was trying to figure out what happend...... ¶Marcus kissed me.......what should I do...... Does he really like me?.......how can I tell him how I feel?¶ She gets up. Does what she do in the morning. ¶What should I do? Should I walk with him? Or maybe I should just walk by my self?¶ Her phone buzzes. It's a text..... from Marcus.... ¶Oh sh*t what should I do? Fu*k......¶ She looks at the text:
Marcus: Hey Lily are you going to school?
Lily: Maybe......
Marcus: Why maybe?
Lily: Yesterday.......
Marcus: Oh...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to make our relationship weird.....😅
Lily:It's ok.....I like you to
¶Sh*t what the hell I'm saying??!!!¶
Marcus: Wait what?
Lily: I kinda liked you since 7th grade...😶😶
Marcus: 😱😱😱😱
Marcus: Wait are you serious?
Marcus: Hey meet me outside
Lily: Why???
Lily: Hello????!!!!
She walks down stairs and grab her backpack and walks out. She sees Marcus smiling and blushing at the same time.
Marcus: Hey Um...I got you something....
He hands her a flower.
Marcus: I had to get you something as beautiful as you!!
Lily blushes red....
Lily: R-really? For me?
Marcus: Yeah.....for you
Lily takes it and smiles. The she grabs his hand and pull him close and smiles.
Marcus: L-lily what are you doing?
Lily: Well you like me don't you?
Marcus: Yes....yes I do
They hold hands and start to walk to school. The way there someone was watching. A girl, Maya, was watching. Maya was the popular girl at school. Who had a crush in Marcus since kindergarten.
Maya: What the hell? Why are those two holding hands?
Lily blushes and smiles and Marcus holds her hand firmly and kisses her cheek.
Lily: M-marcus!
Marcus: What? I can't kiss my girlfriend?
Lily: G-girlfriend???
Marcus: Well do you want to be?
Lily: Um.....I.....ah.
Marcus: Well?
Lily: Let me think....ok
Marcus: Alright
Marcus kisses her cheek again. Maya who was watch was furious. Maya is a light tan girl with gold blonde hair long with clear blue eyes. And pretty short (5'2).
Maya: When did those two became a couple? Now I need to break them up so Marcus can be all mine!

In a few minutes Lily and Marcus arrived at school. Psalm and Alyssa was already there with Holly Sean Skylar and Kal. There friends look over and see that Lily and Marcus were blushing smiling and....
Psalm: Omg are they holding hands??????
Holly: Omg YAASS!!!!
Kal: I can't believe there dating!!!
Skylar: What the hell??????
Sean: that is the grosses thing I've had ever seen.....
Alyssa: Oh you're just jealous Sean!!
Marcus walks over and let's go of Lily's hand.
Marcus: Hey Guys
Lily: what's up?
Psalm: What's up??? We should be talking about your red faces!!!
Holly: Yeah.....are you two????
Lily: No......
Sean: But you were holding hands......
Marcus: it's not official......
Lily: Guys just let me think about it ok
Psalm: Ugh! Fine!
Lily: Ok
Close by them hearing there conversation.... Maya was planing how to make Marcus fall for her and ditch Lilly.
Maya: I know just what to do!
She walks up to Marcus and puts a note in his pocket. Without noticing Marcus walks to class when the bell rings,and so do the others.

By the time school is over, Marcus goes to his locker and cheek his pockets and sees the note.
Note: Marcus meet me by the gym....XOXO Lily
Marcus: That's weird.....Lilly never writes in cursive.....but she want me to pick her up by her elective.
Marcus walks over to the gym and sees Maya. ¶Oh Sh*t not her....¶
Marcus: Hey Maya
Maya: Hiiiii Marcus!!
Marcus: What are you doing here?
Maya: Looking for you!
¶Wait....... Did she write the note???¶
Marcus: Why?
Maya: So I can do this
Maya pulls him to her and kisses him. And just in the nick of time Lily walks out of the gym and sees him.
Lily: M-marcus???
He pulls back shocked and sees Lily....
Marcus: Lily it's not what you think!!
Maya: Are you sure? I mean we've been kissing for a while now!
Lily: W-what!?
Marcus: Don't listen she's lying!!
Lily is on the verge of crying
Lily: You know what.......Just don't talk to me.....
Lily runs off with tears in her eyes
Marcus: Lily wait!!!!
Maya: Look Marcus she doesn't like you any more
Marcus: Shut up!! This is all your fault!!!
He runs after Lily but it was to late....she was already gone.

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