The Prince's Cousin

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(A/N): Hey guys! So I’m trying out this new story. I’ve been wanting to write one like this for a while. It’s a complete 180 from the Heart of Nine but oh well. It’s going to be Historical Fiction/Fantasy/Action/Romance. But I can’t put all of those over there >>> 

My main inspirations for this story are The Song of the Lioness series and Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce, but not enough to be a fan fiction. If you’ve never read those it doesn’t matter, this story is my idea. I learned all I need to know about becoming a knight from her, but that’s about it. So if anything (like names or ideas) sound like her books, it’s purely coincidental.

The title is subject to change!

Anyway, I hope you like it. Tell me what you think! ~SOTD23



The seer came down from his high place, at the top of the palace. He’s spent the last week up there alone, no food or drink was brought to him nor did he send for it. He was too engrossed in his visions to care about his bodily needs.

He made his way out of the tower in haste, his most recent vision still fresh in his mind. He needed to let the king know about this immediately.

He took no note of his surroundings as he made his way down to the throne room.

Reaching the freshly polished wooden doors, he stopped and let the guards identify him before pushing the doors open and admitting him inside.

There the young king sat, dressed in breeches and a tunic, his blonde hair growing passed his ears and blue eyes curious. He still managed to look regal in the royal colors and expensive materials despite his casual state.  

The seer bowed his head and knelt before him until he was given permission to rise. He looked his king and close friend in the eye before he spoke, “Majesty, you know I wish no harm to you and you know I would never lie. I only seek to warn you. There is something coming that is going to affect your firstborn, and heir, and possibly all other royal firstborns after him. I don’t know what or when but I do know that it’s eventually going to result in a fight for the crown.”

The king simply stared at him, he never understood the workings of his friend’s visions but he knew when his friend gave a warning, he had to heed it. The seer’s visions had never failed him before but for some reason the king could not seem to accept this one.

Seeing the king’s conflicting expression, the seer spoke up once again, “Highness, please. You have to take caution. Protect your sons and your crown.”

Deciding that the king was not going to respond, the seer turned and left hoping that the king would heed his warning. He knew something bad was coming, and soon.

The young King Athos watched Oedipus, his friend, leave in silence. He didn’t mean to be so distant, he just couldn’t accept what his friend was telling him. He couldn’t wrap his mind around it, someone would never harm his son.

His heir that has yet come.

He sat in silence for a while longer contemplating his friend’s warning.

He and his beloved queen had only been married for five years. They had been married for two years when Athos’s father died and he took his place as king of Alderon. With him in power, even for such a short time, the kingdom has prospered. He ruled firmly and with a fair hand.

He loved being king. He loved his people as they loved him and he couldn’t wait to share this all with his son.

His son.