O N E|| M I S T A K E

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Me: Okay, listen up you stupid whore. I don't want you dumb boyfriend so leave my friends and I alone.

Unknown: who's this?

Me: Don't you play dumb with me. I know you Charisma. You used to be my best friend since kindergarten until you start hanging out with the "cool" kids and when everyone start spreading rumors that I slept with your boyfriend. And you believed it. Me? Of all the rumors... you chose to believe the one about me.

Unknown: whoever this charisma chick is, talk to her but if she doesn't listen beat the shit out of her. She seem like a bitch anyway, so don't waste a breath on her. Please don't get mad at me for saying this, but you got the wrong number darling.

Me: Oh. Uhm, this is awkward.

Unknown: indeed.

Unknown: how did you get my number?

Me: I tried to remember her number. I deleted it, but I tried to remember it. Obviously, I got it wrong, sorry.

Unknown: The names Alexander.

Me: Hello Alexander, I'm Annalise.

Unknown: That's a beautiful name.

Me: Thank you :) By the way, I'm calling you Alex. There's no way I'm about to type your entire name out every time we talk.

*Changes Contact Name to Alex*

Alex: That's fine, since we are doing Anna but I will still call you Annalise because it's too beautiful not to say.

Me: yea okay... my name is bland to be honest. Anyway, I must go figure out charisma's number, so I can send it to the right person.

Alex: Anna

Me: Yes?

Alex: Don't text her. Wait until you see her and then slap her. Do it for me, she's a bitch.

Me: I'm not really the one for violence.

Alex: For me, please.

Me: Ugh,Fine.

Alex: You have officially made me the happiest boy alive :)

Me: yea whatever. Bye

Alex: Bye :)

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