25: Back To Mumbai

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is what it takes to
stand up and speak,
is also what it takes to
sit down and listen"
- Sir Winston Churchill

" Also know your choices
choose wisely,
never be rash
think from a clear mind,
let not be driven by your emotions,
but by the most powerful creation-
your mind"
-Me, live_chic792
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~Ayaz's P.O.V~

"Damn! " Zach said wailing out a very annoying sound expressing his frustration. Way to give up so easily though I'm sure it wouldn't have been the case if he was flirting with a girl.

Realising the fact that we all had booked for ice skating and had only an hour left put us into this frustrating condition. Yeah we could go there's still an hour but my mind was still grieving over the previous hour we lost due to my detention.

" We still have taaiyemm! And we can manage if we drive fast! " Cam shouted for the nth time but only this once it registered our mind. We all gave a vigorous nod rushing to our cars like drunkards, the situation strangely took toll on us, probably no one wanted to believe they missed an hour of Ice skating after all it was booked with our pocket money only to miss it.

Yet an idea hit me somehow.

" Wait! " I shouted. They all turned with a typical hopeful expressions making we think their hopes got too high, probably imagining an airplane... That'd drop them right on the skating arena. I shook my head mentally. My mind either worked on useless observations or registering nothing important at all.

" If we all went in a single car we will reach quicker"I said because surprisingly only I knew the way there, checking for their car whether it was following or lost track would actually waste time.

Everyone nodded and looked towards my baby, it was the best and comfy compared to thier cars, mainly because it was brand new. We all rush and settle inside, the sound of the seat belts locking in thier sockets resonated in the car.

~Navya's P.O.V~

Ayaz drives as fast as he can, rushing past honking granny cars and curses flying in the wind with his erratic yet safe driving, luckily there was no traffic or police in charge standing there. Zach, Cam and Lin were stuck with their mobile at the backseat, occasionally sharing and showing posts, giggles and chuckles following it, feeling blessed with this chance I slowly intertwined my hand with Ayaz's. He tenses but then a small smile plays on his lips as he drives giving me teasing glance and I divert my attention to the window seeing my reflection on the rear view were my cheeks held a pinkish hue to it.

Not soon my eyes catch the letters in capital's 'PERTH ICE ARENA' indicating our successful journey to it. I couldn't keep my excited and nervousness at bay and barely heard Ayaz chuckling at my eagerness.

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