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I can hold my breath..

I can hold my breath

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Anastasia stepped out of her brother Rowen's car, the car was a shiny black BMW, Anastasia loved it almost as much as Rowen did, Rowen gave his little sister a small smile which she returned and lifted her bag strap slightly higher. Anastasia and her brother had a special bond, one that many people would probably never witness as it was unusual for siblings to get along, they looked out for each other as siblings should

"Have a fun first day, I'll be back to pick you up later." Rowen stated as his smile suddenly dropped, it wasn't that he wasn't happy, he was just anxious for Anastasia. The brunette nodded as her short brown hair bounced on her shoulders. 

"Thank you, Rowen. I better go, see you tonight." That said the brunette turned around and headed into the building, her first lesson was AP Biology which she wasn't too keen on but if she could just make it through the day without bursting into tears then she was happy.

"Anastasia Kendrick?" A voice asked behind her, her head swiftly turned to see and Asian boy. He gave a small smile and walked into the school with her. "My name is Eric, the eyes and ears of this place. Ever need a lunch date, shoulder to cry on or a friend, I'm the guy." Anastasia grinned at Eric and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. 

"It's nice to meet you, Eric, but it's just Ana." She smiled sheepishly at the boy as he nodded. "But I'm more of a sufferer in silence type of person." Ana laughed as Eric grinned, the boy flailed his arms around and turned around to face the girl. 

"That will be a great feature for the paper! Bella didn't want a feature, so I guess this is good!" Ana's smile dropped, she wasn't too pleased about being a second option but was too awkward to mention the fact. The girl kept walking until Eric's hand grabbed her shoulder.

"You do want a feature, right?" Ana sighed but nodded anyway as she pressed her lips together, Eric grinned and ran off leaving Ana to walk to Biology alone. The hallways had turned silent as Eric left and all eyes were on her, the brunette gave a sheepish smile and continued walking down the hall to the classroom she was expected in.

The door was already open and sitting at the desk was a man with a small smile, he turned to face the brunette and gave her a grin. "Anastasia Kendrick?" The girl nodded and walked towards the teacher.

His hair was a dark brownish-grey, his eyes brown and rimmed by glasses while his skin was an olive colour. "Actually It's just Ana, please." The teacher nodded and took the girls' slip as he looked up at her with a grin. "My name is Mr Molina, I'm afraid you have joined late in this semester, the only spare seat is the middle left." Ana nodded as she took a book of off the man, her feet carried her towards an ebony haired girl who was extremely pretty.

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