Chapter 5

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The night is still dark as we head through the labyrinth of streets and, even though the factories will be shut now, the scent of smoke still lingers in the damp air. Every now and again a wisp of it turns in the cool breeze, twisting around loose strands of Crystal's blonde hair, illuminated in the moonlight. She doesn't speak and so the only sound is of her blue skirts scratching against the rain splattered cobbled stones.

I allow the silence to continue because my thoughts are uncharacteristically distracted. Though we are walking my streets something feels wrong. It should be impossible but it feels that someone has changed my labyrinth.

I try not to show my fears. I try to keep my impenetrable mask fixed in place.

"You remember the way to my home?" I say.

Because I fear that I do not, I do not say.

"Yes. But we are not going to your home."

Crystal stops still in her tracks and I raise an eyebrow.

"Well where are we going then, pray tell."

She pulls out the printed piece of paper that Jekyll dropped by the body. I recall the strange feeling stirring within me when I saw the doctor, her lack of fear of being followed into the darkness.

And I remember the way I got lost inside my own labyrinth.

If she has done something to me I will make her pay.

I feel darkness inside me and push it away. I force a smile.

"We don't know where Olympian Corporation is, my love," I say. "We didn't know that there was a military base in Whitechapel until a few moments ago."

She looks up at me, her eyes a deep blue in the darkness. Then she hands me the slip of paper.

"Your labyrinth extends the whole of Whitechapel," she says. "I could sense it when I first arrived. You grew it. You shifted the walls. You forced the humans to build for you."

I grin, "Your point being?"

"If the military base is in Whitechapel then it's in your labyrinth. And you can use your mind to find it."

She is right. I could. I was intending to do it on my own.

But something in the air feels wrong. I am worried something is messing with my power. And I cannot allow anyone to sense weakness.

Especially not a cupid.

I look down at her. She is around a head shorter than me, and as she stands there I catch the soapy scent of her hair mixed with the damp breeze. I see the determination etched into her expression; her lips are pursed and her eyes blazing.

I grin - I cannot help myself. She had the same expression on her face when she first entered my mansion. It changed to surprise, though, when she saw my face for the first time.

"Do you recall when we first met?" I say.

"Of course."

The corner of my lip tugs upwards.

"A memorable moment for you too, then, my love?"

"That and the fact it was only two weeks ago..."

I take a step closer.

"You thought I would look like a beast."

"And you told me you had a beast living inside you."

I nod.

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