Chapter 30

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                                       Odell POV

                                       Odell POV

"One more Rep Zay" I told him. It's been a few weeks since he's come home and everyone's just happy to have him back. It's crazy how well he's healed and how fast he's gotten back on his feet. Well that's a Beckham for you.

"Daddy I'm tired" he pouted.

"Alright take a break" I told him. He climbed off the exercise equipment and sat on the grass. Today I took both him and Bella to the park. Almost losing Zay made me realize that I need to spend more time with my kids, especially my young ones.  

"Bella!" I yelled. She was over by the swings, making some friends. She whipped her head in my direction. 

"Yes?" she answered.

"Come're!" I motioned.

She told the girls something before jogging over to me. "Hey dad, what's up?" she smiled. I took a moment to look at my beautiful daughter. Jordan and I did I that.

"Dad why are you staring at me?" she giggled

"Dad why are you staring at me?" she giggled. 

"You look just like yo mama" I smiled. She does. 

She playfully rolled her eyes. "Tell me something I don't know"

I chuckled at her sassiness. "You ready to go?" I asked her. "Yeah dad, just let me those girls bye"

"Aight" I agreed. I grabbed Zay and put him on my back. I carried Zay to the car and we waited in there for Bella to come. "You had fun lil man?" I asked Zay, trying to pass time. Zay was so engulfed in the ipad we bought him that he didn't even hear me. "Guess I'm talking to myself" I sighed. Bella was taking forever to get back to car. So long that I took me a little nap.

I snapped out of my sleep when I heard knocking on the window. Wiping the sleep out of my eye, I realized that it was Bella. I reached over and unlocked the car door for her. "Hey dad" she smiled, hopping in and putting her seat belt on.

"Hey dad?" I repeated, scrunching my face. "Girl you been gone for  ten minutes"

"Dad you know how us girls are" she flipped her hair and whipped out her phone, typing on it. I shook my head, she think she grown. The car ride back consisted of me basically talking to myself because the kids were so caught up with their little gadgets. Eventually I got bored and started playing some throwback music to which Bella complained was whack. "You whack?" I shot back.

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