Two; Real Life

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Valentina groaned as she came into consciousness, blinking her eyes open and found herself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. Shit was the word that came to mind, as the weight across her waist grew noticeable. It was an arm, she noticed, as she looked towards it; a bare arm that was attached to a naked human, who's face was turned away from her. That brought to mind a slew of curse words that Valentina would rather not repeat, some of which weren't English.

          Valentina wormed her way out of the man's grip, with more difficulty than a woman with a hangover would want to face this early in the morning. She stood, quietly, and quickly began to gather her things, ignoring the stirring of the sleeping man who's bed she'd obviously spent the night in— and then some. She located her phone in the pocket of her jacket— no, not hers, Will's jacket, and winced when she saw the amount of missed calls and text messages she'd received from her friends— who, she read, were currently at her place. Naturally, Valentina did the first thing that came to mind and called Will.

"Valentina! Where are you? We're worried sick over here!"

          "Will— let's leave the dramatics for when you come to get me, okay?" Valentina sighed, "I'm in some guy's house, and I'm going to need you to track my phone, alright? Do you remember how to do that?"

          "I'm not an idiot, Val." She could practically hear him roll his eyes, followed by the cursing of one of their other friends. "I'll be there in 10. Try not to be seen, please? Who's house are you at, anyway?"

          Valentina pondered that for a moment, looking towards the man. He was laying on his stomach, his back on full display, with his arms stuffed beneath the pillow. Dark hair. She crept closer, walking on her tiptoes just in case, and peered at his face. She cursed. "It's Sebastian Stan."

         "How do you know it's him? Is he awake?"

         "Will, I think I know what Sebastian Stan looks like. No one has a face as good as his. Oh God, what am I saying? I need to get out of here! Please hurry!"

          Will... Will laughed.


ayy lmao sorry this is so sh*t, but i means we're getting started at last

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