Once I had the dress on I looked at myself in the mirror

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Once I had the dress on I looked at myself in the mirror. I had to admit the dress did look good on me. I twirled around loving the feeling of the dress.

"Wow, you do look gorgeous in that dress," my mom said from the doorway. "I knew this was the dress when I saw it."

"The dress for what momma?"

"All you need to worry about is how beautiful you look." She stood beside me and smiled. "Alright I have the children in the car and ready to go," Elizabeth said coming in.

"Where are you taking the children and why do you have them in the car?"

"You will find out soon enough, now we are about to go but a car should be here to pick you up in twenty minutes." My mom kissed me and then walked out with Elizabeth. Now I wanted answers.

Twenty minutes went by and a black Lincoln pulled up. A man stepped out and helped me inside. When I did get in, I saw a dozen yellow roses waiting for me. They also had a note attached to them. I picked it up and it red carry me.

Thirty minutes later we pulled up to Cordell's building. The more that happened, the more confused I became. "Why are we here?"

"I can't tell you ma'am all I can tell is to go to the roof." I looked up at the building and sighed. The driver helped me out and I made my way to the roof carrying the yellow roses. I took the elevator and just waited to see what in the hell was going on. I still hadn't heard from Cordell and now they had taken my children. They were all up to something.

When I stepped off the elevator came face to face with Cordell in a black suit smiling at me. The entire roof had been transformed and everyone was there. The kids had been dressed up for the occasion.

Music started up and Conrad came to stand beside me

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Music started up and Conrad came to stand beside me. "What do you say we do this thing the right way this time?" he held out his arm and I took it like last time. He smiled kissing my hand. We walked slowly down the aisle until I was face to face with Cordell. He grabs my hand and pulls me closer to him. "So this is what you have been up to?"


"Why didn't you tell me what you were up to instead of leaving me in the dark all day?"

"I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I just wanted to give you the wedding that you deserved without any interruptions."

"You did all of this?"

"Well, I did have some help from the family."

"Why, I mean we are already married."

"You deserve more than a wedding where you almost lost your life, you deserve the best wedding ever. I wanted to give you that wedding so you could at least look back and remember it in a good light." I smiled. "I will always remember my wedding day happily because that was the day became married to you."

"Then how about we just do again but this time we make sure everything goes smoothly?" I smiled. He gestured for the minster and he stepped up. He smiled at us and then started his sermon.

"I am aware that you two are married so I want you two to join hands and swear your hands to each other. I want you to promise to protect one another and I want you to promise to protect your love. I want you to swear to fight for your love and to always, no matter what to put your love and your family first."

I looked up at Cordell and he was smiling wide. "I do." Tears ran down my face. I was do everything I could to control myself but it wasn't working. He reached up and wiped the stray tears from my face. "And you?"

"I do." The minster smiled. The minster took our hands and held them up to the crowd.

"Ladies and gentleman I am pleased to announce that this is Mr. And Mrs. Cordell Jackson." Everyone cheered as the minster held our hands up. I don't know why but this time getting married to Cordell felt right. Yea I liked the wedding I planned but this was the best thing ever. My children were here, my mom was here, and my new family was too. I had everyone I could ever want here with me to celebrate this special day.

"Thank you." Cordell looked down at me wrapping his arms around my body. "For what?"

"For giving me everything I could ever ask for." He bent down kissing me gently. "I will always be here to give you whatever you want, when you want it for the rest of our lives."

"I like the sound of that."

"Good." he bent down sealing our lifetime deal.

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