Unforeseen Heartbeat (Second Chances #2)

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Unforeseen Heartbeat (Second Chances #2)

Copyright © 2014 Maureen Mayer


Four Years Earlier

            I sat across from him, watching the golden flames of the bonfire flicker in his eyes and lick across his handsome features, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to kiss him. He tilted his beer back, finishing it off, and licked his lips as his piercing gaze slowly perused my body from head to toe. At that point, I had a pretty good buzz going, and if it weren’t for my tipsy state, I never would have mustered up the courage to walk over to him and ask him to dance. Having only spoken to him on a few occasions, I didn’t know him very well, other than the fact that he and my brother had once been really close friends. A few years back, they had a falling out over some skanky whore who cheated on my brother with him, but I wasn’t bothered by the details at the moment. I just knew that if I sat there any longer while he continued to devour me with those sultry emerald eyes, I was going to combust!

            I made my way around the bonfire until I was practically nose-to-nose with him. I could smell the beer on his breath as I leaned in to whisper in his ear, “Do you want to dance?”

            I stepped back, waiting for his response, but when he wrapped his free arm around my waist and pulled me into his chest, that was all the answer I needed. “Damn, Maddie. You sure have grown up.” He licked his lips again. God, what I wouldn’t give to feel his tongue on me. “How old are you now?”

            “Sixteen.” I tried to stand up a little straighter and pushed out my chest. I definitely wasn’t lacking when it came to the size of my breasts, and I used that to my advantage.

            He gave me a seductive smile, showing his approval. He pulled me over to a spot that was closer to the water, and luckily further away from my brother who was laughing and goofing off with some off his friends. If he saw us together, I knew he would flip his shit.

            My hips swayed to the beat of Lady Gaga’s “So Happy I Could Die” blaring over the speakers, and I closed my eyes, getting lost in the sounds surrounding us: the music, the crashing waves, and Shayne’s heavy breaths as they brushed over the back of my neck, causing my whole body to shudder. His grip on me tightened, his fingertips digging into my flesh so hard it was actually beginning to hurt, and yet, somehow it turned me on even more. I let out a soft moan, and he ground his hips against me with more urgency.

            Shayne spun me around, pulling me into his hips, and I could feel his erection growing harder against my stomach. Just before he descended and captured my lips, I caught a glimpse of his deep emerald eyes, burning with so much desire that they looked as though they were aflame. My God, his kiss was hot as sin! His lips moved synchronously with mine as he forcefully plunged his tongue into my mouth. The way his tongue swirled around, tasting every last inch of me, had my head spinning, and I could feel warmth pooling in my belly, slowly making its way further south. His hands slipped behind me, giving my ass a firm squeeze, just before he pulled away from my now swollen lips.

            “Do you want to go lie down somewhere and talk? I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to manage on my feet.” I knew exactly how he felt. My body was still swaying even after we had finished dancing, and I knew pretty soon I’d end up flat on my ass.

            “Yeah, sure.” I smiled sweetly up at him, and he laced his fingers with mine, practically dragging me toward the cottage that my brother had rented for their graduation shindig.

            When we stepped inside, the entire place was dark and empty. Everyone was still enjoying themselves, dancing and getting wasted on the beach, so it was obvious we had both gone unnoticed. Our fingers were still interlaced as he led me toward the back of the cottage where the bedrooms were tucked away. I could barely see where we were going, but I heard something creak open, and soon he had me pushed up against the back of the door. I tried to wrap my legs around his waist but felt as though I had lost all control of my body. He carried me effortlessly over to the bed, capturing my lips again as he hovered over my tiny frame. In a matter of seconds, our clothes had been shed and scattered around the floor. His fingers traced over the slit of my sex, and my hips bucked the moment he passed over my clit. Fuck, it felt good. Too good.

            “Shit, baby, you are so fucking wet. I can’t wait to slide into this sweet, little pink pussy.”

            Without any warning, he thrust into me. Hard.

            “Fuck!” I cried out.

Oh God, it hurt. Like, it really hurt. I expected my first time to be a little painful, but damn! He didn’t stop either. He just kept going, pumping in and out of me, fast and hard. He wouldn’t even look at me. He kept his eyes closed the entire time as he smeared his sweaty body all over me. A few seconds later, I heard him bellow out a low, husky grunt, and that was when I felt him spill into me. It never even occurred to me whether he’d put a condom on or not, but at the time, it had been the least of my worries. I was so caught up with trying to ignore the pain that was shooting through my nether regions.

His body collapsed on top of me while he attempted to catch his breath, and the next thing I knew, he was dressed and leaving the room.

He left me there.

He fucking left me there…naked, alone and feeling disgusted with myself.

I winced as I climbed off of the bed. There were a few spots of blood on the sheets, and I started to panic, but then I remembered my friend, KeeLynn, told me that the same thing happened to her the first time she had sex. I slowly made my way over to the bathroom and cleaned up before putting my clothes back on and heading back out to the party.

Just as I stepped outside, beginning my walk of shame, I saw Shayne standing with a group of his friends. They were all whooping and hollering, slapping him on the back and telling him he was “the man”. One asshole even had the nerve to ask him how he scored so much pussy. I could feel the bile rising in my throat. Hearing them talk about what we had just done made my stomach turn, and my hand flew over my mouth, struggling to stifle my vomit. He looked over in my direction with a cocky grin on his face and winked. Fucking winked!

I had to get out of there. I had to get as far away from him as possible. God, I was such a fool for ever thinking he could want more from me.

Was this how it always was when it came to sex? Two people using one another’s bodies for nothing more than physical pleasure?

No love.

No emotion.

No ties.

Little did I know, this was just the beginning of an interminable pattern for me, a shameless path of self-destruction, and I had one person and one person only to thank for that…


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