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It's been a week since myself and Hailey talked and I haven't seen her since. I couldn't really blame her but I guess I screwed up by keeping it from her. I've been working with Lauren and the girls and let's just says things have been going well.

We wrote a few songs and recorded them and are really proud of them. I've been in the studio non stop using my problems as inspiration and so far its been helping me a lot. To get out and put into something useful. I've asked the girls to open for my show and we couldn't wait to perform.

Zayn:"Excited for later today?"He asked. I nodded and put my laptop away looking at them.

Y/n:"Beyond....although I'm a little nervous cause of the whole me and Lauren having history thing..."I said. Our fans have been going crazy in both bad and good ways about myself and Lauren "relationship".

Abel:"You'll be fine and its just business right?"He asked. I nodded and sighed.

Y/n:"Just business"I said.

Tyga:"What about you and Hailey?"He asked. I shook my head and drank my water.

Y/n:"She's ignoring me..which is understandable since I did sleep with her best friend and then asked her out on a date without telling her I slept with her best friend who I had a crush on for a while and ended up sleeping with because my life and emotions are fucked"I said sighing at the end. All of them gave me apologetic smiles.

Kanye:"If it helps...your songs are kick ass cause of it"He said making me laugh.

Y/n:"Thanks Ye"I said. He smiled and nodded.

Kanye:"We should head over and rehearse a little more..."He said. I nodded and bid my goodbyes to them. We arrived the venue where my concert was being held. I saw the girls and gave them a small smile.

Y/n:"Hey, how are you girls doing?"I asked grabbing a mic.

Camila:"Good"She said smiling at me. I was still close with the girls even though myself and Lauren are done.

Y/n:"Alright so you girls are gonna open for me and then we'll do the songs we worked in and then the shows it?"I asked. They nodded.

Lauren:"We finish rehearse the song we're opening with so we can do the rest"She said. I looked at her confused but nodded.

Y/n:"Alright, let's start"I said making them nod. Rehearsals were going amazing and so far the girls did a good job.

Kanye:"That was good"He said walking on stage. We all smiled and thanked him.

Y/n:"Yeah it was. I'll see you girls later for the show"I said making them smile and nod.

I went home got changed into this👇

I went home got changed into this👇

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