I'm Sorry Part 4.

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I woke up and heard my phone going off like crazy making me groan. I went on my phone and saw the headlines making me frown.

Y/n Y/l/n getting cosy with ex Lauren Jauregui?

I glared at my phone annoyed with the whole situation. I groaned as I remembered her parents invited us for lunch today. I sighed and did my morning routine.

Kendall:"Hails"She yelled making me jump a little.

Hailey:"In here...."I yelled back. The girls walked to my room and gave me a small smile. I gave them a smile and went back to doing my hair.

Kylie:"So uh I'm guessing you read the headlines this morning?"She asked. I finished do my hair and sat down nodding.

Hailey:"Yeah..I guess she isn't over her"I said frowning a little.

Kendall:"Hails trust me she is...if Y/n said it business. It's business..."She said.

Hailey:"Whatever..."I said getting up and grabbing my phone"Let's go"I said walking down. We drove over to Y/n's place and parked the car. We hopped out and saw Y/n and her dad working on a car.

Bella:"Well, no wonder she's America's heart throb"She said looking at Y/n. I followed her gaze and felt like the air was knocked out of my lungs.

Gigi:"Now I'm pretty depressed that I have a boyfriend..."She said eyeing Y/n. She had blue jeans on with a white shirt and she literally looked hot.

Hailey:"Fuck...."I said eyeing her. She looked so hot with all the grease all over her and not to mention her helping her dad is cute. She spotted us and smiles at us.

Y/n:"Ladies..."She said walking over to us and wiping her hands with a cloth.

Kylie:"You know if your fans saw you right now they would probably die"She said making Y/n look at us confused.

Y/n:"What do you mean?"She asked puzzled.

Hailey:"Have you seen yourself..."I said mentally face palming myself. The girls looked at me smirking while Y/n chuckled.

Y/n:"Still a bit confused here Hailey...."She said. God the way she said my name made my insides melt.

Bella:"Basically if I wasn't in a relationship I'd do you,right here"She said. Y/n eyes widened making us laugh.

Kendall:"You look like someone out of a music video with the whole jeans and white shirt thing and not mention working in a classic car and all"She said making us all nod.

Gigi:"You're a girls dream..."She said giggling. Y/n chuckled and shook her head. Well you're definitely my dream.

Y/n:"You girls are crazy..."She said laughing"Everyone's inside so you'll go in and join them..I'll be in, in a few"She said. Y/d/n gave us a smile
And wave making us do the same.

We walked in and saw everyone moving around the kitchen cooking, laughing and drinking. Everyone looked at us and smiled. Y/n's family greeted us along with Kendall's. I saw Freya and she just nodded and gave me a small smile. I pulled her in for a hug taking her by surprise.

Hailey:"I'm not mad at you or anything Freya"I said pulling away from the hug. She gave me a small smile and then frowned.

Freya:"I wish Y/n was like that...she hasn't talked to me from that night"She said. I looked at her and frowned.

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