So If I am Superman, who's Clark Kent?

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As I held Bruce's unconscious body in my arms, I cursed myself for telling him. He was some stranger I met just a few days prior and here I was, giving him a blow job and telling him about my other side like he was the love of my life. Superman would have never been so stupid, he would have kept his mouth closed and learned how to deal with this shit. 

I picked Bruce up in my arms and flew across the garage. I landed when I got to the door and then walked in and found myself in a hall that lead to the mansion's main entrance. Alfred saw me and his green eyes became extremely worried. 

"What happened?" he asked in his British accent. 

"We were-" I cut off when my face got hot. His eyes widened and he shook his head. 

"Do not tell Robin that," he said. I shrugged and began to follow him. My ears picked up a weird sound coming out of one of the rooms and I ventured off course to a door that was cracked. My eyes widened as I saw Robin with Lois up against a wall naked. She was moaning as he thrusted in her. 

"Wow," I said and then ran after Alfred. He opened a door that lead to a giant room. He ushered me in and I set Bruce on the bed. 

"I will bring him juice," he said and then bowed and exited. I began to take his clothes off and took note of scars all over his body. What had happened to him? I pushed him beneath the covers and then laid beside him with my arms around him but above the covers. My upper half was cold because of my lack of shirt, but I didn't want to cuddle with him without his permission. 

"Clark?" he whispered an hour after I told him. Alfred kept checking in and I kept hearing Lois and Robin which made me want to zap his head off with my laser vision. Bruce scooted away from me and then touched his head.

I sat up and looked down at him. He covered his face and sighed. "You're Superman. THE Superman." I nodded and looked down. "You're going to hate me." 

I got on top of him and shook my head. "I could never hate you." 

"You don't understand," he whispered.

"Then make me understand." I cupped his face and leaned down. I kissed his cheek, his forehead, his nose, and then his lips. He kissed me back and then timidly pushed his tongue against my lips. I let him in and then let him take over. We separated when we couldn't breathe anymore.

I put my forehead to his and listened to his shaky breath. "'re Superman."

"Yes," I answered even though it wasn't a question.

"You hate Batman?" 

I paused. "I don't hate him, but I also don't agree with his methods of heroism." He looked away and then reached over to his nightstand. He pushed a button and all the sudden his wall lifted up. He pushed me off the bed and then pulled me into the darkness. We walked for a short time and then stopped. 

"You have to promise not to hate me," he said. I nodded although he couoldn't see me. Suddenly lights flashed on and the room was illuminated. My heart stopped as I looked around to see computers everywhere. There was a weird looking motorcycle and that car. His Car. The Batmobile.

I turned to look at him. "Hey, Superman," he whispered.

"Hey, Batman," I said back. 

He put his hands on his neck and looked at me. "You hate me now?" 

I looked around again and found his suit. "I can't hate you, because......I love you." He smiled a smiled that could light the world and then kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms around him and then sighed. Fate had a sick sense of humor. How could Superman and Batman ever be together? He must have sensed my hesitation because he pulled away with big eyes. 

"You don't think Superman and Batman could ever be together?" he asked. 

I shook my head. "No. I don't." 

He bit his lip and pulled away from me. I shook my head and pulled him back. "I think Bruce and Clark could though." His head snapped up and I captured his lips. He pushed me against a table and then crawled up my body, wrapping his legs around my waist. 

I kissed his neck. "Have you ever had sex in here?" I asked out of curiosity. He nodded and I stopped. "With who?"

He was sucking on my lip, but stopped to look at me. "With Nightwing."

"Nightwing's gay?" 

He snorted. "Nightwing is Robin." 

"Oh." He laughed and then pulled at the button on my pants. I let him slide them down and then watched as he strategically took his own off. He pushed against me and then kissed me hard. 

"Take me, Clark," he whispered. I laid him back on the table and then splayed my hands out on his hard stomach. I kissed his belly button and watched as his stomach dipped in.

"I always wondered what you looked like under that mask," I said. "Turns out you're sexy as fuck." He smiled down at me. He took my glasses off and then messed my hair up.

"Why are your eyes green now?" 

"I wear contacts when I'm Superman." 

"I like green," he said. I smiled and then set myself at his entrance. 

"I like you," I said.

"I love you," he countered. I pushed inside of him and moaned as he did. I don't know why I felt so okay with having sex with him, but I did. i don't know when I fell in love with him, but i had. I don't know why I excepted this, but I was happy I could. I loved him and no Joker, Nightwing, Robin, Lois, Superman, or Batman would get in my way. 

I slammed my hips into him and watched as his back arched off of the table. I thrusted into him again and then laid down so I could suck on his neck. He dug his fingers into my back and I slammed into him with everything I had. I loved this man and I was okay with it. I just needed to fix somethings before we let it go public. And I do mean a lot of things. 

As I came apart with his name on my tongue, I held him close. I loved him. I really did. Screw Superman. I was In charge.

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