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What are you supposed to do when your little bother wins two tickets to join his favorite band on tour, and the only way he'll go is if his older-by-two-years sister tags along, too?

The aspect of going on tour with a band I knew nothing about didn't seem too awful, at first, considering my interest in a future career in music and all. Then all the guys, accidents, fights, romance, music, writing, hot make out sessions, and the occasional shot of alcohol entered the mix.

That was the moment that I knew this would be one hell of a complicated tour. And, to think, all of this crazy mess started out watching the sun rise and a great necessity to keep my little brother happy.


Nikki Carlyle had her future all planned out until her little brother, Hunter, won two tickets to follow his favorite band on tour across the US.

In order to keep him happy, and possibly help pursue her interest in a music career, Nikki agrees to tag along and keep an eye on her little brother.

Of course, the White Øut crew, Theo, Gavin, and Spencer, aren't too happy to have two random groupies following their every move. Two teenage fans means no more personal space, and a living hell for Theo's short temper.

After all, the contest was their manager's idea, not theirs, and they plan to make that as clear as possible until this nightmare of a trip is over.


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