04 | apologies

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        KIRA WASN'T expecting to find Vin in front of her car that Tuesday afternoon after her last subject

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KIRA WASN'T expecting to find Vin in front of her car that Tuesday afternoon after her last subject.

He was standing there, leaning against her car while he scrolls down through his phone. His dark brown hair growing a little too long, compared to his short haircut last ---

Kira doesn't want to think about it.

Having half of the school population stare and whisper behind her back everytime she walks by is more than enough, she doesn't want Vin talking to her adding to one of those endless rumors that are alredy infuriating enough that's why at the sight of Vin waiting there in front of her car makes her blood boil even more.

She stops ten steps away from her car, not knowing if she should greet Vin or not. Normally, she wouldn't care since, no one really gives a damn about her before, but since what happened during Blake Kahn's party, everyone seems to notice her a bit now. Most importantly, everyone seems to have their eyes set on Emiline.

But Emiline is nowhere in sight now, so Kira guesses that their attention would be directed towards her. The girl with the missing best friend.

Before she could even turn around, Vin had already seen her and is now calling for her name.

She clears her throat and forced her feet to walk on the gravelly ground as Vin waves at her enthusiastically as if they were close. She trained her eyes on her shoes, avoiding the gazes from the other students that is now starting to intimidate her.

She didn't signed up for this life.

"Kira," Vin greeted as she reached her car, "About last week, I'm sorry. I really am."

Kira kicked a small pebble on the ground as she breathed, "okay."

She cleared her throat as she walks towards the driver's side of the car and nodded at Vin, signalling that their conversation is over.

"You're still mad," Vin says as she tries to get in the car, "I'm sorry."

"I'm not mad, you can go," she says coldly, totally aware of the pair of eyes that's starting to land on their direction.

Vin holds onto the car door, preventing Kira from closing it and leaving. Kira rolls her eyes at the guy in front of her, one of the guys that made Emiline's life a disaster. One of the guys who didn't even felt guilty about it.

But Kira wasn't fond of long talks and arguments. She wasn't fond of getting too much attention that's why she's silently cursing Vin right now for drawing public attention towards them.

"Can I please just get home in peace?" Kira finally asks, sighing.

Vin looks around them, realizing what Kira had just meant by her statement, he nodded and closed the car door, stepping behind to let her pass. Good, Kira thought.

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