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Hello, before reading this I suggest you read the prequel, "What He Hides" since this is the sequel. You will be missing out on a lot of necessary information if you read this without reading the prequel first.

For those of you who have read the prequel, welcome! I hope you read the description because it's just easier. If not then I shall just leave it here again.

There is a 6 chapter interlude in the beginning of this story. These chapters take place between the end of What He Hides and the beginning of Where He Belongs just so there's no confusion.

Taking place 7 years after the events of "What He Hides" we follow the story of Atlas. No longer living in Meadow Valley has taken its toll on Atlas in both a good and bad way. He has found himself working as a cameraman in California for a rather successful YouTube channel. However, his dreams of being in the NHL have long since been crushed and replaced with nothing. With a leg that often gives him trouble, so even playing the sport that once meant the world to him isn't an option, he no longer has a dream, a desire, something to really fight for. He threw it all away, locked it within a vault along with memories of those he cared about in hopes to forget.

With no motivation or hope to do anything more with his life, Atlas continues to spend his days wasting away without much thought. Though he is open and accepting of his sexuality that certainly doesn't equal happiness. Happiness is something he only seems to get brief glimpses of before it slips through his fingers, mostly by his own doings honestly. The once innocent boy has become a man yet he has lost track of himself and what he wishes to be. He's wasting away bit by bit.

What happens though when Atlas' past suddenly comes back into his life? He had worked hard to forget, to move on but had he actually done that or was he simply lying to himself? Will bringing up the past heal his future or will the guilt of it all come crashing down and consume him?

I do hope those of you who are not fans of sequels give this a shot. It has been planned for almost a year now and I've been secretly working on it while working on What He Hides. This is the first time I've really known there would be a continuation since before I even posted the the first chapter of the prequel so I do hope that shows itself!

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