Farewell ✔

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The color red was a rare sight in my life before, but now, it was all I could see.

It coated my arms, my legs, and every visible inch of my body. I would have stared in awe if it was not for the light-headedness that accompanied it. Or the three pairs of eyes that looked down at me with pity. Oh, how I hated the attention.

One of them decided to break the silence. "It may be over, but it doesn't have to end like this. You can change. We can help-"

"No." The word spilled out of my mouth before I was even aware that I was speaking. "You beat me fair and square. This is the end for me." It took all of my willpower not to scream out in pain. It hurt. It all hurt. But soon, this mess would be over.

And then, another of them spoke. "But if you don't let us help you, you'll die."

The first one replied, "Gianna is right. We can't just leave you here to die."

Out of all the things that I could have done at that moment, I chose to smile. "Yes, I know that, but a person as evil as me deserves to die. Instead of wasting your time here, you three should be celebrating. After all, you are the winners."

Gianna sighed. "Look, you fucked up, okay? You're human. That doesn't mean you should be giving up. Just like Ethan said earlier, we can help you get back on your feet. You don't have to let this one mistake ruin your-"

I interrupted, "Can't I get a say in this?"

Gianna looked between Ethan and their silent friend before turning towards me with a scowl. "You're clearly not in the right state of mind right now. You've lost a lot of blood. We should take you to the-"

"No." I paused. I could feel myself growing even weaker. My time here was growing limited, so I had to make every single word count. "There's no life for me here anymore. Just let me die. It's the only punishment I deserve for everything that I did."

Ethan rolled his eyes. "Pause right there. You act like you've done the worst thing in the world, but according to my report, you didn't. Okay, maybe, you were being a bit evil in the way that you harassed every single person who was nice to you. But you also broke down in public today before deciding to throw yourself off a building. You clearly need our help, so let us help you."

"Why? I'm only going to end up hurting more people." My eyes slowly began to close by themselves. "Just... leave me. No one will miss me. I'm sure there'll be a huge party once I'm dead. There's really no point for this discussion anymore. Please go."

There was a brief pause before Gianna said, "It's not fair. Why do you think you have the right to die?"

Quickly, Ethan added, "You're more than your negative thoughts. There's nothing that you can't overcome."

But it was too late for me.

The energy was fading fast from my body. Laughter filled the air. My laughter. I had lost the sensation of my own body, but I knew I was lying on the concrete covered in deep, dark-red blood.

And before everything faded out, I said one last thing to the three heroes standing in front of me, "Farewell, humans. May my death benefit humanity."

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