Tempt Me Twice- Chapter One

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Chapter One

The key sat on Jax’s workbench. Shiny and silver, it stood out on the battered wooden surface, out of place amongst the well-used mechanic’s tools.

Jax studied it for a moment before picking it up and slipping it into his pocket. He wasn’t surprised, had seen this coming for a long time.

Tyler wasn’t the type of person who understood that being gay didn’t make you any less of a man. Jax had known that this was coming almost from the moment they had met.

“Shit.” No matter that he hadn’t been overly attached to Tyler, getting the key to his apartment back without so much as a goodbye stung. They hadn’t been dating long—none of Jax’s relationships ever lasted more than a couple of months—but no one ever started their day hoping they’d get dumped.

Picking up his beer, Jax turned back to the party, leaning against his work bench. Anyone who looked at him would have seen a big guy, a few inches over six feet, with the body of someone who laboured for a living. His hair was light brown and though he got it cut every couple of months, he wasn’t big on styling or any of that crap, because why bother when he was going to spend the better part of his day in the greasy guts of a car?

His eyes were dark blue, and hid what he was feeling a good chunk of the time. In other words, he was the antithesis of what most people thought a gay guy was supposed to look like.

Unlike Tyler, he no longer gave a shit about what others thought. He’d come out at age fifteen, at least to those closest to him. His parents were dead, so he hadn’t had to worry about their reactions.

And of his three best friends, Dylan hadn’t even been phased. Ella had started trying to set him up with every guy she saw who she thought might also be gay.

And Nick…

Nick was complicated.

“Where is that bastard, anyway?” Jax had ordered the keg and invited their friends specifically because Nick had arrived back in town, home for the summer, taking a brief break from law school.

He was supposed to have arrived a month earlier. Jax had thrown a party for him and everything, just like this, but at the eleventh hour Nick had decided to go home to his new girlfriends’ for a few weeks first. Time to meet the family, and all that shit.

But amongst the crowds of dancing, drinking people, the ones from Fish Lake that he’d known most of his life, the ones from neighboring towns that were only vaguely familiar—Nick Bennett was nowhere to be found.

Even without the distracting presence of the friend he hadn’t seen for five years, Jax had plenty to think about. That ‘plenty’ was about five foot four, with blonde hair falling softly around her shoulders, and the kind of body that had a small waist tucked in between curvy hips and full breasts.

She was clutching a red plastic cup to that ample chest, and she looked like she was about to puke—with nerves, not with overindulgence of the booze flowing freely throughout the party.

Normally the blonde would never have caught his eye—even in the very early years, before he’d consciously known that he was gay, he’d never paid much attention to the opposite sex.

But this girl was one he recognized. Her picture was splashed all over Nick’s Facebook page, and she frequently made an appearance in the images that Nick texted him.

She was Nick’s girlfriend. And because of that, only because of that, Jax couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

As if she knew that eyes were on her, she turned, caught his stare. Jax saw recognition flare in eyes that were stormy grey rather than the expected blue, and felt a surge of grim satisfaction that he was still enough a part of Nick’s life that this woman knew who he was.

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