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(This is an old book, I don't know
if I'll continue it but we'll see. This book is really cringy to me but people seem to like it. I don't know if I still ship Madwheeler but yeah. I also edited the chapters a little and I only published it again because it seemed to be going well even though it's really cringy? Soo- enjoy.)


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one. in for it - tory lanez
two. bad girls - m.i.a
three. unfazed - lil uzi vert ft. the weeknd
four. ocean eyes - billie ellish ft. blackbear ( remix. )
five. domino - jessie j
six. doing just fine - t.u.e
seven. DGAF - noah slee ft. shiloh dynasty
eight. never forget you - zara larsson


i do not own these characters. nothing is mine except the plot. everything else goes to the duffer brothers.

"No love is better than ours."

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