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BELLA smelled pancakes, and it made her nose twitch in joy. Her father was at the doorway, light pouring through behind his silhouette, as he leaned against the frame and stared at his daughter.

"You want blueberries in them?" her father asked, and Bella nodded sleepily.

"Mhm," she smiled, stretching her arms and letting out a high-pitched squeak as she did so.

She jumped from the warmth of her comforter and onto the cold wood of the floor, padding through the familiar hallways of her house and into the kitchen where her father stood flipping the pancakes at the stove. Sunlight leaked through the curtains and soaked the tiny kitchen in warmth, as the low sounds of Aerosmith played through the record player sitting beside them. 

She walked over to her father and lifted her arms out to wrap around him in a large hug. She pressed her head against his chest and took in the beautiful smell of cigarette smoke and cologne that he always emitted.

"How do you feel, Bells?" Her father asked, looking down at her as she turned to sit at the table.

"My stomach hurts," she said, feeling a small, familiar and dull pain in her lower abdomen. 

"The dress," her father said suddenly, his back facing her.

She tilted her head in confusion as she watched him carefully. "Huh?" 

He turned around, and suddenly, he had crispy hair and sickening features. He had a huge, crooked nose and yellow teeth, as well as tiny beaded eyes that latched onto her almost instantly. Bella almost instantly vomited.

"What about the dress?" he asked, his voice altering gradually into Her crackly and raspy voice.

"W-what?" Bella swallowed, the pain wrapping around her entire lower abdomen as well as her lower back.

She jumped awake, and opened her eyes to the unfortunate surroundings of the small room she had become too familiar with. Cole was across from her, slumped against the wall with closed eyes and a heaving chest, and Elliot was curled up beside her.

She felt the pain again in her stomach, and ignored it, licking her lips as she attempted to fall back asleep. She wanted to continue dreaming of her father and life at home, but she suddenly recognized what the pains were.

She jumped up, instantly startling Elliot, and she let out a small cry. Looking down at her legs, she noticed a huge blotch of red right on the skirt of her white dress, and trickles of light crimson had been running down her skinny, pale leg. Her heart was pounding in her throat and her eyes were huge as Elliot backed away from her.

"This isn't happening," Bella cried out, shaking her head. "This isn't happening, please tell me this isn't happening right now." 

Cole's eyes slowly opened from across the room, and they widened when he noticed her appearance.

"Bella, are you okay?" he asked loudly, his voice thick and raspy as he straightened his posture in alarm. "What happened?"

Bella stared at him, her chest heaving and her body shaking as he continued to stare at her in confusion. 

"I'm fine," Bella choked out, her fingers shaking as she reached up to put her hair behind her ears. 

"Then... then why are you bleeding? Are you hurt?" Cole questioned, his icy eyes studying her with intensity as he slowly stood to his feet. 

Bella continued to stare at him, hot tears rolling down her cheeks as they heated with embarrassment and fear. He studied her as well, their eyes locking together, hers filled with mixed emotions and his with pure concern.

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