I punched him.

Well, I considered slapping him but that would be too girly.

He groans.


"I was joking!!" he gasps out


Nothing to say for that. I walked out of the room...

To be attacked by a maniac hurricane also known as Cam.

"Aww...Now what??" I groaned when she collided with me.

"There's a party tonight!

"Oh." After what happened back there, I wasn't in the mood.

"Let's get ready!" Cam squealed and dragged me to the Requirement Room in the 7th floor to request for free clothes.

There's no stopping her. Once she gets going, she's like those Energizer bunnies in that battery commercial.

Moments later, my hair was in the process of being practically plucked.

"Oww...I'm not a chicken...Don't pluck all my hair out..."

"I'm just curling it doofus." Cam smacked my head to hold it in place

I was already dressed in a tight black dress stopping between my mid-thigh. It puffed out at the bottom and I loved it, and I was slowly getting in the mood.

Cam was now plucking my eyebrows (As I said, I'm not a chicken!)

Soon she was done with makeup. Thank gosh.

We marched out, me in my black dress and Cam in a light purple dress which made her look like an angel.

The party was in an abandoned classroom which has been magically enlarged, and everyone was on the dance floor with red plastic cups in their hands.

I sat in a corner, feeling uncomfortable.

"What are you doing here? Come dance with me, I requested a song."

She dragged me by the hands and I found myself in the middle of the dance floor. As the song started to play, I began to move with the beat.

Windows down

Pedal to the sneakers

Turn up the volume

Blow out the speakers

Best clothes on

Going down on fire

Turn the lights off

Turn the music higher

I broke free; cast away

Won't find me

And now you're never gonna break me down

Gonna break me down

This is all I can take

So farewell

'Cause you're never gonna find me now

Gonna find me now

We are young

We are young

We drink and we fight

And we love just because

We are numb

We are on the run

And you're never gonna chase us down

We are young