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Mackenzie looked at the screen of her iPhone waiting for the clock to hit two thirty, so she can be out of the shit hole place they call school. It was Friday and Mackenzie was hyped about going to the party tonight. The bell finally rung and Mackenzie hopped out of her seat along with the rest of the teenagers.

Mackenzie was blessed with features similar to her mother. Full lustful lips, black shoulder length hair, graceful curves including her smile and a brown skin complexion which she inherited from her father.

Mackenzie grabbed her oversized Michael Kors bag throwing her phone in it. She grabbed her Lexus keys and exited the class room looking for her little brothers.

Kaylin and Kadin are both freshmen and handsome just like their father and these little girls can't keep their hands off them.

"Kaylin where Kadin?" Mackenzie asked as they were outside the school.

"Hey Ma" Laron whispered to Mackenzie on the sneak tip. Mackenzie turned around smirking at his non-sense.

Kaylin looked at Laron trying to spit game to his sister. Kaylin began to slighty mug the clown of a boy as Kadin came up zipping his pants.

Kaylin dapped Kadin cause he already knew what's up. Kadin smirked then directed his attention towards Laron.

"Who this nigga" He questioned. In everyone's opinion he was like Kavon the most, he had no filter on his mouth and that is what gets him in trouble the most.

"Chill out y'all come on" Even though Mackenzie was sixteen and her brothers were fourteen they both were taller than her. "Laron I'll hit you up later.." She added and they all made their way to Mackenzie's car.

Mackenzie gave life to the car as she put her bag in the back seat beside Kaylin. They both still wanted to know why a nigga such as Laron was messing with their sister.

"Princess he is a fuck nigga!" Kadin said as they drove away from the school. Some people still referred to her as Princess. She likes it, even though she feels as if she has grown out of it.

"Fuck that! Why you come up to the scene zipping up your pants?"

On cue Kadin started to laugh and so did Kaylin. "I'm telling daddy.." She stated simply as she pulled into the driveway. Her mother car was gone but her father's was.

"What he gone do.." Kadin started.

"Dap you up" Kaylin finished then, laughed and they all entered the house.

Mackenzie got on hush mode rolling her eyes at both of her brother's ignorance. Once the three of them entered the house Kavon jumped up to see his beloved children entering the house.

"Hey daddy" Mackenzie cheered as he came and hugged her,kissing her on the forehead then dapping the twins up.

"What's up" He replied. Even though he was forty five and old, Kavon seemed as if he hasn't aged a day at all. He'll still shoot a nigga in a minute if he has to.

"Where's mama at?" She asked.

"Uhh she had to run up to the office real quick she should be back" He spoke then went back into the living room to watch tv.

The boys went upstairs to go change, then the two went outside to the basketball court. Mackenzie was in her closet trying to figure out what to where to the party. She was lowkey hyped and had some intentions of seeing Laron there.

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