Intense Fifty-eight



Hon is asleep already. Nandito na ako sa baba. Sa Office ni dad. Nandito si mom, si Jims at si dad. Jims must be here, he knows almost everything. It’s midnight, dad chooses this hour for us to talk because everybody else is already asleep. We can’t be overheard. And we must not be overheard, that topic that we’re about to discuss is very confidential.

“Dad, you said there’s something you have to say to me, what is it?” I break the silence inside the room. Si dad ay nakaupo sa isang sofa na kaharap ng akin. Kasama niya si mom. He’s wearing his white shirt and pajamas while mom wears her satin night dress. Jims is still wearing his uniform. He seats on the sofa besides us.

Dad sighs. What is it? I hope it’s nothing serious. Mam places her hand on dad’s thighs to make him at ease. Dad sweeps his hon with mom’s. They look at each other, communicating something through telepathy. The only strong connection that bonds the relationship into a strong one. I’ve had the same with my girlfriend. I know when she wants to say something but she can’t. it’s human nature.

Tumingin sa akin si dad, “Son, are you aware of your granddad’s history?” he asked. Do I know granddad’s history? We’ll, no. I shake my head to say no.

He leans down and supports his weight with his elbows rested on his knees. And he begins narrating.

“Your grandda and your grandmom fell deeply in love with each other. It’s a love at first sight, as your grandda calls it. But for a long time, he kept his feelings hidden, because they’re friends at first. He didn’t want to ruin their friendship so he remained silent but deeply in love,” dad pauses. Jeez! Dad’s good at delivering speech. Oh, just as I thought, he’s a senator; of course he could deliver a speech charismatically.

“It was then, before the acquaintance party when he confessed his feeling for mom when he found out that mom has the same feelings for him too. He courted her in front of everybody and your great granddad Stuart Imos Noir witnessed the whole scene. But later then, your great granddad Noir received a message from your great great granddad, saying he wanted dad to be married to Eden Reincliffe Tan, daughter of your great great granddad’s friend and a business partner. But mom and dad were already together that time. Your great great granddad didn’t know, if he only knew, he wouldn’t have agreed for Eden and dad to get along with each other. He loves dad as much as he loves granddad Zeus,” I can keep up with the story because I know them.

“Eden was in love to dad since they were just a kid. When she found out that dad was with mom that time, she, with all her best, made things that could ruin mom and dad’s love for each other. It was on dad’s birthday party, when Eden bet her last card. And by then, she ruined my mom and dad’s love. Dad, in so distress and sheer discouragement, flew for London and continued his studies there. During that time, dad’s birthday party, mom has very great news to tell to dad, that news is about me. She’s pregnant of me. But dad didn’t give her a chance to explain and tell the truth. Mom, left alone unheard, she transferred to US and finished her studies there. She gave birth to me without dad on her side,” dad cracks his voice and I see the tears that falls from his eyes. This story is new to me, this is our history. Mom wipes dad’s tears and he continues.

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