the workshop part 2

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I'm trying to write this a way I think you will understand more so tell me if I should keep this writing style ok, OK now on to part 2

(Devil friend): oh sorry did I scaire you
(Y/N): n-no I just didn't expect you to be standing behind me

A wolf ...Thing that was maby a foot taller than your devil friend was standing in the doorway

(Wolf ...Thing?): No one ever dose, now why don't you get going we never asked for another artist Wana be.

He crossed his arms and growled 

(Y/N): that's not nice I just wanted to learn
(Devil friend): come on Boris let her stay she has a good shape I mean good faith in this place for knolige. By the way malady my name is bendy and this puppy you see before you is Boris

(Y/N): o-ok
(Boris): fine you can stay but never call me puppy

Boris walked away to who knows where

(Bendy): grate looks like you'll be here for awhile, come on now let's go have some fun ;3

((BAD TOUCH NO MEANS NO STRANGER DANGER NO HOMO oh wait reader is a girl oh well )) 

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