Intense Fifty-seven



“Are you still mad about earlier?” tanong ko kay hon. Though pinayagan niya akong hawakan siya, hindi ko ramdam na masayang masaya siya. Crap! What have I done? I wanted her to be happy right now, you know, the nineth cloud sort of thing. But she’s not. I shoukd have pulled my hand back right away after knowing it’s enough. Ngayon, ito, galit si hon sa akin.

I stopped so napastop na din siya. I kissed her forehead. She tries to resist but I lock her head with my hands. I kissed her nosebridge and finally her mouth. She didn’t open it, she didn’t let me pass through. I wail silently inside my heart. She’s fvcking mad.

Tinignan ko siya, she’s not looking at me. She looks away from me. I breath in sorrow.

“Can we just skip for the ‘mad thing’ for a moment and enjoy wandering around? It’s just a handshake. Please. I don’t wanna ruin our day. Please let’s not start. I’m having a great day” I plead sincerely. She’s still not looking at me. Mad as aver hon. We’ve been like this before and I got my balls kicked. But we end up, pretty pleasurable and exhaustive.

She’s still not answering me. I breathed in despair. If I can’t convince her to just consider, we’ll go home nalang. We’ve had a beautiful afternoon, beautiful indeed. But because of just a little thing, I can sense a fight approaching.

“Come. Let’s go home. I’ll call Jims,” sabi ko sa kanya. Tugging her leaving and heading through the door. But to my astonishment and surprise, she pulled her hand off of my hold. I looked at her, I’m feeling alittle angry at her too. Tss.

“Who told you I wanna go home?” she said. Still mad at me, I can see it on her face. I breathed to contain my temper; I really don’t wanna ruin the day. Lumapit ako sa kanya at agad na hinawakan ang mga kamay niya. I leaned down to level her. She’s looking straight into my eyes.

I planted a quick kiss on her grimlined lips and said, “Then let’s not go home. Just put aside the mad you at me for a moment okay? Let’s enjoy the tour. And come, they might wonder where we are,” sabi ko sa kanya. Tapos na nga pala naming napuntahan ang basement ng bahay. And Ms. Jones and Jims are in the living room I suspect.

Hawak-hawak ko ang kamay ni hon habang papunta kami duin. She’s still uneasy towards me kaya naman, itinaas ko ang kamay niya and I kissed her knuckles. Ms. Horna is explaining to Jims about the safety of the entire house. She told him about the only entrances and exits in the entire area and some secret chamber to where we can hide if something bad is approaching or causing us.

Since hindi naman sila nakatingin sa amin, I take the opportunity para maglambing kay hon. I kissed every single finger in her hand and galce again at Jims and Ms. Horna, they’re still talking. I sucked each finger and tease it around with my tongue. Hon began to manage a smile at napasmile na din ako. From intense unreadable look to salacious look. I think I can help her with that. I bit each fingernails and after I finished, I glace at our other company, still they’re talking.

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