It’s almost thirty minutes drive. At nakita ko na ang wall ng bahay, pero yung mismong bahay hindi pa, yung American tile roofed setting lang ang nakita ko from the road. This spot has only countable neighbors and of high social orer din. But I’ve never seen as big as this house. Dad just told me na it’s a 5 hectares house.The whole lot is surrounded by thick brick walls except for the front. It’s been glamorously guarded and shielded by grills with sharp endings to which slitted in two, one inclined perfectly 90 degrees and the other 45 degrees. The grills are painted and polished in black. The center of each spearlike rod is painted in gold and so are the endings. Each post to which the grills are attached is of a gothic style with guard lamp in a velvety shape. The gate however is a mouth dropper. The grillwork is like a half wing of a butterfly mirroring each other. Same, the endings are pointy and painted in gold as well. The said gate is hovered with a brick arc. Such a beautiful house and place to live in.

Nung nasa front gate na kami, agad kong napansin ang guard na nakatayo sa guard house. He’s wearing the usual guard uniform. Teka, akala ko ba binenta na’to? ba’t may tao pa din dito? Baka mali yung address na binigay ni dad.

Yung guard na kanina nakatayo sa guard house, lumapit sa amin pero nasa loob lang siya ng gate.

“Good Afternoon, sir. Sino po sila?” tanong ng guard.

Binuksan ni Jims yung window niya at inilabas ang ulo niya bago sumagot.

“The young master wishes to visit his house. The young master Pervince Tristan Beaurlington,” pagkatapos sumagot ni Jims, naglighten up ang mukha nung guard saka ngumiti at patakbong pumunta sa guard house at pinagbuksan kami.

Nung makapasok na kami sa mismong property, napanganga ako. Si hon, nakatulog sa balikat ko eh. Kaya hindi niya pa naappreciate kung gaano kaganda itong magiging bahay namin. Sinara agad nung guard ang gate saka patakbong lumapit sa aming nung tinigil na ni Jims ang bahay.

The white house is obviously of modern style. It’s almost surrounded with glasses tinted in silver, I’m not sure. The garden is obviously cared of and the pathway is mosaiced with bricks in a wave shape. There’s a fountain in front of the house. The garage is stupefying.  I think I could have at least ten cars there. The porch is of marble tiles. The whole front house as I see it is like a half cylinder and a rectangle attached with each other. I breathed for I can’t contain my overwhelmed self anymore.

“Please stay for a while, young master. I’m going to find the custodian,” imbis na lumapit sa window namin, lumapit nalang yung guard kay Jims, naghandshake sila at masayang masaya na makilala si Jims. Tinanong ni Jims dito kung nasaan ang costudian ng bahay, tinuro nung guard ang daan at sumunod naman  sa kanya si Jims.

I assumed na, hanggang four-storey house ito. Ginising ko na si hon. She opened her eyes sleepily. I watched her grinning. Oh! I won’t really be going to get used to this. Much to my amazement and heart-pounding, I leaned over her and kissed her forehead. She gasped and leaned up to meet my eyes. Nung magtagpo ang mga mata namin, I smiled at her, I reached her face with my hand and leaned over to kiss her lips, just one brief but full of love kiss. I can feel her grinning lips while I kissed her.

Hospitality Man: Lalaking Bayaran (R-18)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!