43... The Strange Chapter

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My hands worked the machine while my mind wandered. Who was he? Did I know him? Was he a friend of my step-brother? How did he know? I cringed down at the blender. Worse, if he knew why was he telling me that he knew?

I finished the smoothie and returned to the counter. The guy stretched his hand towards me, but I held the smoothie back.

"Who are you?"

"I go to the school directly across the street. St.Thomas High School." He said, and then licked his lips. His eyes were downcast on the smoothie in my right hand. I was holding it hostage. I needed answers. 

"How do you know me?"

"I have friends at your high school, and I've seen you at a party or two."

"How...did you--" Cutting me off, he leaned towards me lowered his voice and said: "Next time you confess to your brother, try to make sure no one's around you." 

"What the hell are you getting out of this?"

"I honestly don't know," he said, his eyebrow rising slightly. "but I like you."

"Ma'am. Could I order please?" The woman said behind the asshole. 

"O-oh yes, of course. What would you like?"

"An egg muffin sandwich."

"Ok. Clithere!" I shouted, praying that he wasn't passed out in the back. He was in college here and got this job the first week of school. He was actually pretty handsome but last time me and Jess checked he had a gorgeous girlfriend who majored in something scientific.

I didn't compare.

"Stop yelling, Ruth. What?" He asked, treading in from the back room. He ran his hand through his jet black hair that held a slight wave. He glanced past me at the line and visibly straightened.

"I need you to to make an egg muffin." I turned back towards the woman. "That will be 7.10." She nodded and started digging through her already pulled out wallet.

"What's your name?" I asked the guy, who was now leaning casually against the clear boarder covering the produce.

"Cyrus. I'll talk to you later." He said, blowing a fake kiss and then laughing at my expression.

"Please don't."




I stared down at my phone for a little while as I snuck out the back of the store. I preferred the back of the store to the front. A small, way less crowded street.

The fresh air hit my skin and I inhaled deeply. I was going to have to go to college with a hard ass. Great.

"Yo." A voice suddenly said from beside me. I lifted my gaze from my phone and blinked to find Clithe and a beautiful woman with long red hair with a snap back on hiding her face. She turned away from me, and lowered the snap back.

"Yo. See you tomorrow." He nodded and I turned away, heading to the left. I had 4 minutes before the bus came so I needed to hurry.

As I walked my shoes thudded against the asphalt. My mind drifted to what I wish I couldn't think about.

I was so...stressed, and lonely. I never really felt it before, but recently...it was all I was feeling.

Maybe I was wrong and college would be better. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

I needed something certain.

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