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(If you didn't read Dear Sydney, you're about to be so confused)

But hey, you can still read it. Go for it. It's still gonna be a good book!


"College isn't for everyone. Sometimes school is meant to end after the twelveth grade.

So when Sydney Porter decided to leave James Madison University after her sophomore year, her boyfriend of two years did what any good boyfriend would do: he encouraged her to follow her dreams. So Sydney followed her dreams of becoming a concert violinist...all the way to New York City.

350 miles is less than 3,000, but it's still a ways away. And what better to do during long-distance relationships...than write letters?

Yet success in a career sometimes means leaving behind people who used to mean the world to you...and sometimes letters become addressed to whoever will receive them, instead of to the person they'd been written to for years. Because, as much as we don't want them to...

Every letter has to end."


And ya'll thought this wouldn't happen! I thought of the title about a month ago and thought, "Wow, that would be a cool title for a book like Dear Sydney!" And I figured, why not make a sequel? I mean...isn't it every author's job to mess with their readers' ships after they think they're going to have a happy-ever-after?

The answer is yes, of course.

So welcome to To Whom It May Concern! This will be written just like Dear Sydney and Love, Aria: Two parts, one with simply social media posts and letters, and then one with dialogue thrown in as well!


So here's the timeline, because I understand that it's incredibly confusing.

If you've only read Dear Sydney and not Love, Aria then this book takes place approximately two and a half years after the Epilogues: Connor and Sydney are beginning their junior years of college (or...not college, in one of their cases).

If you've read Love, Aria then this book takes place approximately nine months after the end of the book, making Aria a freshman in college and Brenden a sophomore.

But they're not really in it.



Please do not copy this book in any way, shape, or form. Wattpad will take you down. I've reported copies of my book before and I will continue to do it. So please don't make me!


The first few chapters of the book will be put up April 24th, to get the book going! AND, exactly a year ago from then, on April 24th 2016, the first two chapters of Dear Sydney were published on Wattpad for the first time, beginning this crazy adventure! It's insane that it's already been a year, but I thought it would be the perfect day to publish the first chapters of its sequel.


Love, Aria was NOT a sequel to Dear Sydney. It could be read as a stand-alone novel. And while I guess this one could be too, it is a DIRECT sequel to Dear Sydney in the fact that it deals with the same two main characters and follows their lives just like in Dear Sydney.

So why not read all three, right?


Cast and Characters will be up on the 24th, followed by the first few chapters! I hope you guys enjoy this continuation of Connor and Sydney's romance, and that you don't hate me too much in the end. (:



Important: All characters' Twitter accounts in real life will continue to act as if they are in the time of "Dear Sydney". They will NOT follow the timeline or the events of "To Whom It May Concern". At all. It would be way rude for the first-time readers of "Dear Sydney" who follow the characters on Twitter and then would get major spoilers from this book!


If you're not already following the characters online, why not? It's super fun and I (I mean, they) get to tweet at you guys and interact with you! I promise it's a great time and you'll love it. The six characters below all have Twitters that you can follow!

Sydney Porter: @aSYDity_

Connor Hall: @haiiconnor (It looks like "hallconnor" on Twitter because the I's are capatilized since the original username was already taken)

Delaney Cross: @tac0DEL (Again, original username was taken, so the "o" is actually a zero)

Kevin Long: @yab0iKEV (Again, "o" is a zero)

Ashley Yates: @opentheYATES (OMG this one is normal)

Liam Rothe: @LlAMrothe (Pretty sure the "I" is a lowercase L because of the stupid username being taken)


Follow me on social media as well! I post about the books all the time and love talking to you guys!

Instagram: @officialkatherinepowell

Twitter: @KPWattpad

Facebook: Katherine Powell Books

Goodreads: Katherine Powell


Also, the trailer? Those types of screen-capture videos will appear at the beginning of each chapter. I will upload them all on YouTube one day before their corresponding chapter is up, so subscribe to Katherine Powell on YouTube to get a sneak peek at every chapter before it's up!


Alright I think I'm done. If you read this far you deserve like 18 cookies.



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