Chapter 19 ♥:

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We had taken a few items out of Leon's truck, like beach chairs and a blanket. I brought along sunscreen just in case.

I grabbed his board for him, which was all black with a red stripe going down the middle.

I began to walk out onto the beach, watching Leon run out in the surprisingly empty atmosphere. It was easy to find a open spot this way.

"Y/N! C'mon!" He yelled, setting out the blanket a perfect distance away from the water. Afterward, he set out the chairs.

Removing my shoes, I yelled, "Coming!" trying to walk over to him without my feet being burned off by the hot sand.
After finally trotting through the sand, I set Leon's board on the blanket.

"The sand is so hot!" I complained as I stepped on the blanket.

"Yeah, but so are you." Leon smirked and threw his shirt off onto the blanket.

"Shut up, dork." I rolled my eyes and looked over at his well-toned body, absolutely not resisting the view. I walked over and hugged him, resting my hand on his chest.

"Heh.. Can't keep your hands off me, can you?" He commented while leaning down to peck my lips.
I kissed back and pulled his goatee lightly.
"Tch, like you're one to talk.."

He whined as I pulled. "OW, okay no, don't do thaaat!" He ruffled my hair roughly as punishment.

I laughed and backed away from him, removing my own shirt and shorts to reveal my F/C bathing suit. And more of my exposed skin.

Leon glared at me in awe.

"Daaaamn.. If only you told me you had a smokin' body before~" He traced my curves, as I felt his hand trail down my back.

"Whoaaa-kay that's a no no." I said, grabbing his hand with a smirk.

He sighed. "Aww.."

I bent down and grabbed the sunscreen I put down earlier.

"Leon, turn around." I said, putting the lotion into the palm of my hand.
Leon nodded and turned around, as I gently massaged the sunscreen onto his skin to fully cover his back.

He snickered. "You should do this often."

I snickered back. "We'll see, idiot."

After coating Leon with sunscreen, he looked all shiny and it made me giggle. He then took the bottle from me and motioned for me to turn around.

"Your turn." He smiled.

"Alright.." I turned around and held my hair up, // or stood there if your hair is short // and waited to feel the cold liquid on my back. Once Leon got some of the lotion on his hand, he massaged my back thoroughly, spreading it all around my back.

"Ooh, you're not bad at this either..." I sighed relaxedly.

Leon chuckled. "Now face me."

"W-Why..?" I turned around, only to feel Leon rubbing more sunscreen on my stomach.

"Aah! It's cold!" I exclaimed, balling my hands into fists.

Leon had a smug smirk on his face, beginning to coat my thighs. After my thighs, he coated my chest. His fingers worked skillfully and gently on my skin.

"Pervert." I rubbed my arm.

"What? Me? A pervert? Nooo.." He laughed.

"Yeah yeah sure, now go show me how you surf." I crossed my arms and cocked a brow with an intrigued gesture.

He quickly picked his board up, and ran towards the water. "Come watch!" He yelled.

I followed him toward the water and laughed. Watching him dive into the clear blue waters, I stood back a bit.

A wave was beginning to approach Leon, and he prepared to catch it. In the midst of standing up, his plan backfired as he was taken into the water.

"Leon!" I yelled worriedly, running into the water. I seen his board pop back up to the surface, but not Leon..

"Leon! Answer me!" I yelled louder. As I scanned the water, I seen his red hair freely flowing around underwater, along with his still body.

"Dammit-" I cursed, diving to where he was and pulled him out of the water. He wasn't moving.

"Leon? Leon!" I said, pressing my hands on his chest numerous times.

Suddenly, he coughed up some water, and shifted around. He opened his eyes slowly. I sighed in relief.

"I think that's enough surfing for today, Kuwata." I kissed his head and helped him get up.

"Agreed." He said, grabbing his surfboard that had just washed up and trotted over to the blanket. "I need a minute to sit down.." He said.

I hugged his arm and rested my head on it. "Don't worry, I brought us some smores to make you feel better."

"Smores?" He asked excitedly with a smile.

I giggled and nodded, happy to see him okay.

"Yes, smores."

Smores! Tbh this is making me hungry for some..
Thanks for reading!
More to come

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