Chapter 25

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I decided that I would complete this story for all of you.

Islam may be against homosexuality but more than that, it teaches me to be kind to others and respect them, and to make them happy. If I can make you happy through this story, I will try to do so.

I will not delete this story.

Thank you for supporting and loving this story. I am continuing because of YOU! I hope you enjoy~


[And at lengths do we go, to follow our heart and it leads us astray from our path.]


"Hyung, please don't cry...he said he'll stay." Hoseok patted Jin's back; which was covered with a blanket.

"B-but..." Jin sniffed, "It'll be m-y fault if thei-r friendship..." Jin didn't continue but Hoseok understood.

"No, it won't affect their friendship in any way. Jungkook says that he'll make sure that none of them will leave. I don't know how but let's hope he has a good plan. For now, you need to haven't touched food in days."

Jin sniffed, getting out of his blanket. His pink blanket covered him up to his chin, Jin's watery eyes peeked at Hoseok's face. Hoseok smiled, "That's my hyung. Now, eat up! If you want anything, tell me."

Jin nodded, "Is...Namjoon here?" Hoseok smirked, "He's downstairs, I'll call him."

"No-" Hoseok slammed the door of Jin's room and ran downstairs to tell Namjoon that Jin was feeling better.

"Namjoon~" Hoseok stretched the boy's name, making Namjoon fall from the couch and break his plate.

"Clumsy ass." Hoseok commented, glancing disapprovingly at the latter.

Namjoon groaned as he got up, his eyes shot an icy glare at Hoseok, "Fuck you!" Namjoon mumbled to himself, cleaning up the mess he created.

Hoseok brushed away his hands, "Tut tut! Go, go...Jin hyung is calling for you."

Namjoon looked at his friend, surprised, "He...did?" Hoseok nodded at the question and shooed away Namjoon upstairs.

Namjoon, with unsure steps, climbed up the stairs and drew in a deep breath as he reached their room. Namjoon knocked on the door twice before announcing, "Jin-ah, I'm coming in."

Jin's eyes widened and he hid under his pink blanket, covering his face. Namjoon called out, "Jin-ah~ Did you call for me?"

Jin shook his head under the blanket, "No! H-Hoseok called you on his own."

Namjoon nodded, even though Jin couldn't see, " don't wanna talk to me?"

Jin shook his head, making his blanket shake, "It's not like that..." Namjoon smiled to himself, "Jinnie~ Come out, will you?"

Jin shook his head yet again, "No..."

Namjoon sighed, sitting on the bed, next to his covered boyfriend, "They probably told you that I'm staying but...Jungkook says that he'll make sure Jimin stays as well. I hope that happens..."

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