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INDIANA JONES HAD TO confess that seeing her two brothers stand side-by-side for the first time was quite the sight. It was ironic, considering the very first Jones family reunion between the siblings had to occur only after each one of them had been killed.

Similar to the first time they were all together, Indiana refused to leave Killian or Peter's side. Someone would have to saw them in half if they desired to separate them. However, since Liam and Killian had been standing before her, Indiana almost felt required to stand a good distance from them. After all, the brothers Jones had a relationship that Indiana simply never got to have with them. It was like she was on the outside once again.

Feeling a hand squeeze her own, Indiana heard a familiar voice whisper into her ear, "Are you alright, love? You seem... stiff."

Indiana, with furrowed eyebrows, glanced upward at Peter Pan. There was a somewhat perplexed expression resting on her wearing face. Still, she quietly claimed, "Of course, I'm fine. It's just... I... It's..."

"...Weird seeing the Brothers Jones under these conditions?" Peter finished for her. Indiana licked her lips whilst giving him a soft smile, a quite hum leaving them.

"You always seem to know what I'm thinking," she mumbled, Peter's thumb forming circles on the back of her hand.

"You shouldn't expect anything less," Peter replied.

"I find it hard to expect anything from you," Indiana admitted. "You're always going off and surprising me everyday... even when I'm dead." Peter hummed quietly at her words.

With those words being spoken, Snow White and David cut into the kitchen of their Underworld apartment. Charming appeared to be carrying some kind of boxy object. "In the world above, this is where I found the storybook," Snow explained. Then, she proceeded to open the trunk and dig through it. A sigh of disappointment was soon heard. "Sorry..."

See, the gang was all gathered in the apartment of the Charming's because they were in search of a storybook--or well, the storybook. Since the Underworld is an exact copy of Storybrooke, everything had a copy. Their ideal plan was to use the book in order to learn Hades' past and defeat him once and for all.

"Are we really surprised?" Regina rhetorically wondered. "That book is the embodiment of hope!"

Nodding his head, Peter spoke up in agreement, "and there doesn't seem to be a lot of hope in Hell."

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