Alessandro & Nicolas Hasni play Ranier & Garion Moreau.

eighteen//family is everywhere
[June 13, 2016
3:20 pm]

Zheng glanced around from his new room taking in the small area, he was now forced to live in. Turning Zheng noted that a man standing at him. His face was handsome with those deep brown eyes and sharp jaw line as he stared back.

Zheng noted he seemed more relaxed then most of the other inmates. His eyes seemed more focused as his hands held the bars. Zheng noted that his roommate was laying in the bottom bed with his face pressed into the sheet.

"Zheng, right?" The man asked.

Zheng simply raised his eyebrow because he doubted the man didn't already know him. He wasn't easyily forgetten. Regardless Zheng still nodded his head in an yes motion.

"I had a feeling but I wasn't sure. I haven't exactly been up in a normal cell for the last few months. I'm Garion Moreau." Garion stated.

"Good for you." Zheng stated as he turned around.

"Hunter was right you are a asshole." Garion added as he watched for the reaction.

Garion sent a big smile as Zheng's head snapped around so quick it seemed to do a full 360. His eyes seemed normal but Garion saw tell slight narrow of them.

It seems he strucked a cord with the Mafia boss.

"What did you just say?"

"Hunter was right you are a asshole. I mean here I trying to make conversation and you walk away. Rude."

"Garion, leave him alone." The other inmate ordered.

"Come on Ranier don't you wanna meet our baby cousin husband."

"Proof." Zheng demanded.

He wasn't stupid.

People always claimed to family to him or Hunter to try and get something out them. Even if half of them were family, they had to be close family.

So Hunter and him can up with a secret. Only the family members they loved and trusted knew it.

Garion smiled brightly, "Leo non è être le seul enfant depuis longtemps." (Leo isn't going to be the only child for much longer.)
[June 13, 2016
4:00 pm]

"What did you just say to me?"

Hunter tried to smile innocently but it didn't seem to have any effect on Issak. Everyone with eyes could spot Hunter bullshit from a mile away but few called him out on it.

Issak was one of the few.

Issak stared into those blue eyes of Hunter Lombardi-Fiu for a moment longer than sighing, relaxing back into his chair.

"What prison Hunter?"

"Administrative Maximum Facility in Fremont County, Colorado."

"Oh ok-wait what the fuck!" Issak yelled as he stared bug eyed at Hunter. "I thought it was a joke. Is Zheng really there?"

"Yes." Hunter answered. His face gave away the seriousness of the matter, he would never joke about his husband.

"Administrative Maximum Facility is one of the top prisons in the world. You can't simply just break into it and expect to get away with it. Others have tried and failed."

"I know that but I'm not others. I have resources inside who found Zheng but you have resources to get us out. I want to get Zheng out without them even knowing he left."

Issak rubbed his face, "Your giving me frown lines kid. It's not a easy thing like you make it sound."

Hunter chuckled at his friend's attitude, Issak did tend to be over dramatic. Issak rolled his eyes at the other man but didn't refuse to help.

"Wait you said you got someone inside, who?"

"Ranier and Garion Moreau, my cousins."

"What makes you so sure they'll find Zheng. Better yet, make him believe your they're cousin. If you haven't noticed you husband's a asshole."

Hunter chuckled, "I know. I told them something only Zheng and I would know."

Zheng opened his mouth to speak only to hear the sound of an a baton being dragged against the cells. Stepping back Zheng watched how quickly Garion's face turned hard as his jaw popped out more. He looked ready for a fight.

"Well, well well. If it isn't my favorite freaks. The faggot mafia and the incest duo." A random officer announced, Zheng remembered him as the one who wanted to attack him, Charlie.

"Come on princess it's time for you to leave your prince."

Zheng noted that Garion's eyes narrowed as his roommate sat upwards revealing him face. Zheng raised a eyebrow as he noted the other man was Garion's copy. They were identical from the hair to the jaws and the way they walked.

'Twins in prison together. Rare.' Zheng thought as the copy stood up.

Garion didn't move for a moment blocking his twin from view before the other tapped him. "Gar."

"Step aside brother fucker." Officer Charlie ordered.

Garion ignored the officer as his brother leaned down to whisper in his ear. Garion nodded as he immediately stepped aside to let him pass not before pressing a kiss to his cheek. Garion enjoyed the Officer look of disgust that was directed towards them.

"Identification bracelet." The Officer demanded. The man smiled as he lifted his ankle and pressed it to the guard. The guard watched the other as he grabbed his pants leg moving it to reveal the black shock ankle with an R on engraved onto it.

"Step back." Officer Charlie ordered as he pulled out his key opening the cell door.

"Ranier." Garion announced. No words were spoken, Zheng noted, it reminded him of him and Hunter.

'That makes sense now.' Zheng thought.

The twins shared an look before Garion grab his twin an hard shoulder squeeze. Ranier rolled his eyes but returned the gesture.

"Hurry up!" The guard hissed as he yanked Ranier by his arm quickly slamming the door shut. Garion didn't make any moves as he watched them until they disappeared.

"Twins in prison, that's rare." Zheng voiced as he leaned against the bars. Garion didn't respond as he kept staring at the corner when his twin and Office Charlie disappeared around.

"Not really." Garion finally stated. His dark brown staring Zheng down.


"Yeah, really. There's so many of us haven't been caught yet."

"But you and Ranier have."

Garion smiled, "Look at the bigger picture Zheng. Now, you don't have to face prison alone, family's everywhere."

Author Note:

Garion and Rainer have arrived! What do y'all think about the cousins? Let me know.

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