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~               ~            ~

(*Archie added Ms Grundy to the conversation*)

Betty: um...

(*Archie removed Ms Grundy from the conversation*)

Archie: sorry lol

Archie: didn't mean for that to happen

Veronica: why do you even have her number?????

Betty: Archie is taking Music AP this semester. Ms Grundy tutors him.

Cheryl: wow😂

Cheryl: he really is a c grade Ed Sheeran

Josie: hold up y'all

Josie: Archie kissed Val today?????

Josie: Everybody just keeps kissing everybody in this group wtf

Betty: wait what

Veronica: who's Val

Josie: Valerie?? My bandmate ?? From the pussycats??

Josie: smh Veronica you literally performed with her a few days ago

Veronica: oh THAT Valerie

Kevin: he a fūckboi

Veronica : 😂😂😂😂

Cheryl: well this is news

Cheryl: our c grade Ed Sheeran meets our c grade Beyonce

Betty: why beyonce

Kevin: seriously Betty, your best friend kissed someone without even telling you and THIS is what you ask

Cheryl: ugh Beyonce was in a band too, remember? Destiny's child??

Josie: wait so it's true?

Josie: he kissed her? Wow didn't see that coming

Cheryl: wait lemme find out from my sources

Veronica: what "sources"

Kevin: ???

Archie: wait what

Veronica : oh look who's here

Betty: where did Cheryl go

Josie: that girl is shady lol

Veronica: so, Archiekinz, you and Val huh?

Kevin : You jealous, Ronnie?

Kevin: 👀👀👀👀

Archie: wait what

Cheryl: guess what girls

Kevin: and boys too smh

Veronica: what

Josie: ??

Betty: what

Kevin: kill the suspense Cheryl

Cheryl: my sources can confirm the news

Josie: 😲😲😲😲

Kevin: DAMN

Betty: ....

Veronica : smh

Cheryl: aaannnddd I got a picture too!

Josie: tf

Kevin: wait WHAT

Betty: what

Veronica: .......

Veronica: I'm not even gonna question how

Kevin: well Cheryl what are you waiting for? Send it

Josie: quick

Cheryl: here goes nothing


Kevin: what the actual fùck

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Kevin: what the actual fùck

Kevin: I legit choked on my spit

Josie: ew

Josie: but seriously what the heck

Kevin: that's such an HD pic tho damn

Reggie: these hoes be French kissing in the corridors smh

Cheryl: look who's talking

Betty: the pic is......pretty graphic

Veronica: that's gross

Kevin: jealous Ronnie mmmm

Kevin: don't make me expose u Kevin

Cheryl: what

Cheryl: expose him for what

Betty: ???

Josie: Kevin is French kissing someone too?

Kevin: Veronica no

(*Veronica added Joaquin to the conversation*)

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