The Fan

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'Without obsession, life is nothing.'

- John Waters


Copyright @ 2014 Lindsey Clarke

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A/N: Welcome to The Fan, my very first Featured Wattpad story. Just a few things to bear in mind when reading:

1. I'm British. This means that you might come across some words that look like they're spelt incorrectly. They're not. We just use a different version of the English language. It's true ...honest ...look it up, I swear I'm not lying.

2. This is a horror/thriller story and is tagged accordingly. There might be violence, there might be excessive use of bad language and there's a teeny tiny chance there might not be a happy ending. If you're looking for Disney, hate to break it to you, but you're in the wrong place.

3. It's a short story. Excessively short I guess, but that's how I write short stories. There is no more to come other than what's uploaded. 'The End' really does mean The End.

Thanks in advance for reading, please do hit that vote button and leave a comment if you can. We authors are needy types that hide in holes and only tend to come out when coaxed by lovely readers like you xxx

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