Chapter 38~ The Hunt Begins and A New Mission Starts

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Kakuzu's POV

   When I came back from the collections office, I saw my idiotic partner, with nothing to turn into a bounty.

   "Hidan! What did you manage to do now???" No money meant another head to hunt down. Overall waste of time, and more importantly, money.

   "The f*cking jinchuuriki appeared LITERALLY out of nowhere and they disappeared!" He seemed frustrated. He should be.

   I sighed. "Leader-sama's not going to be happy," I said.


   "It is vital to our mission that each jinchuuriki is found AND captured. The One Tail is to be extracted first if our plan is to be carried out." Leader-sama said after scolding Hidan. "Now the responsibility should be in the hands of someone else, considering you failed," He stressed the word "failed". Him glaring at us was unsettling, even for me. The rinnegan didn't make it any better, either. "Itachi. Kisame. Make sure the One Tail is seized. Failure isn't acceptable."

   "Yes." They said in unison.


Itachi's POV

   "Wouldn't it be better to do a background check before we find the One Tail, so we know what we're dealing with?" I asked. Information is very important in any mission. Depending on brute force isn't necessarily the brightest move, yet it's Kisame's favorite strategy. I tend to stay back and avoid direct contact.

   "Whatever you say..." Kisame fiddled with Samehada, his giant sword.

   I pulled out a book that Leader-sama had given us on each of the jinchuuriki, and anyone they could be associated with. The One Tail was on the first page.

   "Gaara of the the Desert

Jinchuuriki- Shukaku (One Tail)

Location- The Village Hidden in The Sand

Abilities- Long-Range ninjutsu consisting of free moving sand, strong sand-based defenses

Associations- 3 Siblings (See pages 2, 3, 4)"

   Good to know. Kisame looked like he could care less. I skimmed pages 2 and 3, but something on page 4 caught my attention.

   My partner, however, was more interested in the pictures of the two. "They really do look similar. I still don't get how Hidan screwed up that bad..."

   "Suzume of the Sand

Association to One Tail Jinchuuriki- Twin

Jinchuuriki- Unknown"

   "Hn," I read through the first few lines. Intriguing.

   Kisame was breathing down my neck. "You would think they would know something like that," He stated the obvious. "Hey wait, isn't there that one theory-"

   I nodded, and kept reading "The twin demon theory."

"Location- The Village Hidden in the Sand

Abilities- Unknown"

   I closed the book and hid it back in my cloak.

   "We should head out. We have a mission to fulfill," Kisame said, and I nodded in agreement.

   "Let's go."

Suzume's POV

   In my mind, I cringed the sight of my father. I had to go the Kazekage's office to receive the message for the Hokage. Somehow I forced myself to be respectful. It's hard to, considering all the emotional trauma he put Gaara and I through.

   "Here," He said coldly, giving me the scroll. "And I was supposed to tell you that your Leaf... acquaintances (he struggled saying that) want you to stay. I'll relieve you of your duties for 3 days. There will be repercussions if you are to return late."

   Oh, how nice of him... My demon said sarcastically

   For once, we actually agreed on something.

   I bowed my head in obligated respect. "Yes sir," I said before departing.

   Once I reached the door, I looked back at my Father. he had gotten up and was staring out the window. He looked back at me and squinted at me, his black-lined eyes burning into me. He made a motion with his hand toward my sealed-up air, which was fastened to my left leg. "I should have tightened the seal," he murmured, maybe to himself but maybe to me.

   He knows.

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