The New Host has a Secret

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To be a Princess

Chapter three

The New Host has a Secret

Small rays of light slipped past the gaps between the curtains of Yuki's window and shone directly into her face. She squinted slightly before fluttering her eyes open and sitting up to get the bright light out of her face. She sloppily got out of bed and prepared herself to go to school as usual.

At the gate Yuki turned back to look at the vast estate before turning around and beginning her walk to school. While she was walking along the footpath, kicking a stone repeatedly as she did so, a black limousine with dark tinted windows pulled up beside here and began to drive at a snail-like pace. Yuki turned to the tinted window, staring at it to see if she could recognise who was inside. Then the window rolled down, revealing the Host King.

"Good morning Yuki!" he greeted cheerily. Yuki almost had to squint as he shone a bright smile at her. "Why don't you have a chauffeur? I thought you were rich? Unless..." he trailed off.

"You're a commoner in disguise!" he said dramatically as he pointed an accusing finger right at her face. her eyebrow twitched slightly in annoyance.

"Umm... No senpai. My father- I mean I just wanted to get some exercise. You know. Keep in shape. " She lied smoothly.

"Well you can come to school in my car of you like?" he offered as he opened the car door with a small click. "No I couldn't." Yuki refused as she took a step away from the shiny black car. 'I can't disobey father's orders.' she reminded herself determinedly

"I'm not taking no for an answer." Tamaki said with a serious tone and expression. After ten seconds of endless staring Yuki gave in. "Fine." she agreed as she begrudgingly entered the car. 'It's better to do this then waste time arguing with this guy.'

For most of the trip, Yuki was predominately quiet and just listened to the blonde host chatter on and on about new ideas for the Host Club. Just as she was getting dizzy from all the talking that he was doing, they fortunately arrived at the Academy. Upon exiting the limo, wild chattering erupted from the girl waiting around, for Tamaki of course. They obviously didn't expect Yuki to come out of the car with him.

The rest of the day was a blur for Yuki as she had already learnt the topics they were teaching. 'I guess all the studying did come in handy after all' she thought as she stared into space while half listening to what the teacher had to say.

|~|~|~|Host club time|~|~|~|

At last, the school day was over and it was time to head over to the Host Club. Yuki opened the large wooden doors of the Host Club and entered the room to be given a flowery greeting. "Welcome!"

"Seeing as you are here, I suppose it means that you're allowed to join us?" Kyouya theorised while he pushed up his glasses with a smirk. "Yes. My father said that I could join." Yuki confirmed with a small nod of her head.

"Yay! Another addition to the family!" the blonde Host chanted as he jumped around in circles with glee. Dozens of spring flowers seemed to bloom around him due to the happy aura he was exerting to the area around him. "Ummm...." Yuki began unsurely as she observed the so called 'King' of the club.

"Alright! You can be my son!" Tamaki declared as he placed a hand on Yuki's shoulder as he looked off into the far distance where he - and only he - could see his future with his family. 'Did he just force me into being his son? Strange...' Yuki thought as she tried to edge away from her strange senpai.

"Oh, I just remembered we haven't introduced you to everyone yet" the glassed Host reminded himself.

"I'm Kyouya Ottori, those two are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. You already know Mori-senpai and Hani-senpai." He said, gesturing to them as he introduced each host.

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