Chapter 20 ~ Deja Vu

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( Lucy's POV)

" There asleep." I whispered to Evan. " Good." he stated as he plopped down on the couch. I went over to him and sat on his lap. He smiled and laid his head on my shoulder," Did you tell her?" he asked. " Tell her what?" I asked confused as he lifted his head back up. " About Aiden rejecting her." he answered. I shook my head," No. Ever since we were little she always wanted a mate. Kind of how a girl mundane (human) wants a prince charming. I don't want her to remember that. So if she never gets her memory back then at least she will be happy with Aiden." I said. " But what if she remembers everything?" he asked. " Look. While we were at the hospital. Jade went to go change and that nurse Cindy came in to grab something....."


Jade closed the bathroom door behind her. As soon as she closed it the nurse Cindy came in with her clipboard and worried eyes. " Whats wrong?" I asked feeling my hands fidget a little by all of the stress that I've been having. She sighed," Well I looked over the tests and.......... It seems like she might never get her memory back." I looked at her with wide eyes completely baffled," Are you sure?" She nodded and then quickly grabbed some papers that were on the desk next to the hospital bed." That's all I wanted to say if I stay here longer then the doctors will get suspicious so that's all and remember to come back in exactly a week. Got it." She looked at me waiting for my answer. I nodded and then she quickly scurried away and closed the door. The noise of my ringtone startled me as I picked it up and had a conversation with Evan.


Evan looked stunned," She'll never get her memory back." He repeated it to himself over and over not believing it. I began to sob a little. He saw me crying so he laid me on his lap so that my head was in the crook of his neck. My eyelids quickly became heavy and I drifted of into a deep sleep.

( Jade's POV)

~ Dream ~

I was in a cellar room all alone. There was blood everywhere. My blood. I knew I was dreaming subconsciously but it all felt so real. Like a déjà vu moment. I could faintly hear the clicking of heels in the distance. All of a sudden a blonde girl came into view. A very familiar blonde.


~ End of Dream ~

I woke up startled and sweating. I heard light snoring to the left of me and sure enough Aiden was snoring peacefully. He looked so cute. I took his hands of my waist and got up. I felt a little dizzy because of the dream. Seeing my blood everywhere. It felt so weird and so real. Should I tell someone about it?'s probably nothing. Or maybe it is? Pain shot through my head. I winced and grabbed onto the desk for support. It seems as if every time I see these images my head begins to hurt. Maybe I'm remembering things in the past. If that's true then that means that every time I remember something my head is going to hurt. Great.

I looked over at the clock. 6:59. Should I wait for everyone to get up or? Nah I'll just go home and not be a bother. I quickly put on my shoes and tiptoed out of the room. I walked down the hallway and turned the corner to get to the living room. Evan and Lucy were sitting on the couch fast asleep. They were so cute together. It was weird thinking about mates since I'm 15 or at least think I'm 15. I tiptoed across the living room and grabbed the door knob when a sleepy sexy voice behind me grumbled," Where are you going?" I turned around and saw Aiden in his boxers. Did I mention he has like a freaked 8 pack?!?!? I began to stutter," I w-was g-oing to my h-house." He crossed his arms which made his muscles flex," All by yourself?" He questioned raising his eyebrow. I nodded. I blinked and in a second he had his clothes on. " Well now I'm going with you." He grabbed my hand and I felt electricity shot through my hand. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I wonder if this is how it always felt with him? He then opened the door and led us outside. It was a bit chilly but not enough for a sweater. He then led us towards my house.

~ Skipping the Awkward Walk ~

Once we were a block away I could faintly see my brother talking to a young couple with their child and a blonde girl. They all seemed familiar but I didn't know who they were. I let go of Aiden's hand and yelled," Jake!" He froze as they all looked over in my direction and looked at me with their mouth hanging clearly shocked. My brother turned around and as soon as he saw me he ran towards me and gave me a bone crushing hug. He began to cry on my shoulder as he twirled me around. He them put me down. " Jade.....I thought......I thought you were never going to wake up from your come you are." He smiled as the other 3 people came into view. Aiden came up from behind me and swung an arm over my shoulder. They all shot questioning glances at him but he just shrugged them off. As the blonde came into view, I wanted to punch her face. Chloe. She looked at me and gave me a slight smirk. But only one that I could see because no one seemed to say anything. The young couple hugged me as the little baby girl cried," Aunty! Aunty!" I stood there still since strangers were hugging me. Once they say I wasn't hugging back they stopped hugging me. " why aren't you hugging back?" The blonde boy asked me puzzled. Aiden stepped up and said," Lets go inside and I will explain everything." I squeezed Aiden's hand as if saying thanks for that save,

.They nodded and we all walked towards the house and entered.

The house had changed since I last remembered it. Instead of blue walls we had cream colored walls. The tv wasn't as big nor as flat. My mother and father were both in the kitchen eating breakfast. Jake entered first and he called them over," Mother. Father. I think there is someone that wants to see you. I couldn't see them fully but I heard the sound of the chairs being pulled back. Then they finally came into view. As soon as they saw me I was pulled into another bone crushing hug. My mother and father were both crying no more like sobbing. Once they pulled away my mother began to throw questions at me," When did you wake up? Are you hungry? Tired? Are you okay? Are you dizzy? Do you need a glass of water?" " Mom I'm okay apart from my memory loss I'm okay." Everyone's eyes widened and at the same time they all shrieked," Memory loss!?!?" I began to get uncomfortable so Aiden stepped up again and did all the talking for me," Yes. Sadly she had forgotten 2 years of her life." " So she doesn't remember us?" The blonde boy pointed at himself, his girlfriend, and their daughter. Aiden shook his head. " or know?" Aiden again shook his head. My father then suggested," How about we all discuss this over breakfast." " Yeah dad. I just want to talk to Chloe for a moment. Alone." My father raised an eyebrow but then nodded. Everyone went to the kitchen even Aiden. But I had to persuade him.

I turned to Chloe. " I know you were there." She smirked," Oh darling I've been to many places." I began to fume," I have no idea if your the one to blame for my memory loss but if you are then I'm going to kill you bitch!!!!" I lunged at her as we tumbled down. I began to pull her hair as she grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled. Fangs began to come out of her mouth. A vampire. I knew it. I punched her hard in the face. I heard a crunching noise as soon as my fist had collided with her nose. Blood began to gush out. She then yelled and flipped us over. As she was about to punch me someone pulled her away. Jake. Aiden grabbed me and pulled me up. He growled at Chloe and began to inspect me. " Are you okay?" I nodded at him as I turned towards Chloe and lunged towards her again but was stopped by Aiden's strong arms. " See Jakey she attacked me first." Chloe began to fake cry. Jake looked over at me disappointed. I flipped my middle finger towards his direction which caused a laugh to come out of Aiden. I glared at Chloe," You are warned. Once I find out it was you. I'm going to KILL YOU." " You can't." My brother stated. I looked over at him," Why not?" I asked him. " Because Chloe is my mate." I stood there frozen.

Chloe is my brother's mate.


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