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Hey guys!
I'm new to wattpad and this is my first written and published thing on here, so heaps of feedback would be awesome. I'll aim to upload a new chapter 3-4 times a week. Enjoy! xo

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Let me tell you one thing- If I hate anything in this world, it’s One Direction. Yes, I will admit they have fantastic voices, but that’s the only good thing I see about them. I cannot see how Monique can be so obsessed with those five gay hormonal teenagers. I see them as a distraction.

Okay. So that came out really mean. I’m not like that. You see- That’s all Monique has been talking about for the last 5 weeks, is the ‘One Direction book and CD signing’. For all I care, they could be giving birth to Koala’s. It’s getting annoying.

I’ve probably come off completely bitchy. Sorry. Let me start again.
My name is Violet Hatton. I come from London, England. At a young age I moved from London to New Zealand with my mother, and then when my father moved to Australia, I moved in with him. That was five years ago. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, with my best friend Monique (whom I’ve mentioned once or twice already) and she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Yes, her ‘fangirling’ gets overly annoying sometimes, but that’s about the only thing that she does that isn’t normal. And before you criticize me for being a hypocrite, yes, I have a large celebrity crush on Ed Sheeran. Who doesn’t- the man is a lyrical genius and if I must add- HOTTIE!

It’s mid-April here in Australia. Actually, it’s mid-April everywhere. Let me re-phrase that.
Here in Melbourne, it’s 8:07pm on the 14th of April.  From what Monique has told me, One Direction will be here in approximately two days. That’s two days to make a mysterious disappearance and miraculously appear on the 19th.
Just kidding. I’m happy to attend the signing with Monique, as long as I don’t cop an earful of criticism from all the ‘Directioners’. In fact, I would not mind having a speak to Paul. Because from all the complaining I’ve heard Monique do, I have a few suggestions for him.

Let me tell you a bit about what me and the ‘BFF’ do, just so we’re clear.
Monique and I both work in the city. I’m barely even legal to work, but I make it by.
Monique works in a groovy bar named Olive, ten minutes from where I work. I work in a small convince store, on the ground level of our apartments, as I’m not legal to serve liquor yet. I’m only sixteen, give me a break.
Monique is nineteen, more of a sister than a best friend- but we get by like sisters.  We both help to pay the rent on our snazzy little apartment across from Fitzroy Park. We get by fairly easily.

“Bloody hell, Violet, stop staring at the poor pedestrians. They’ll soon enough get creeped out by your staring and take another path to work, and we wouldn’t want that, would we!” Monique said from behind me, making me jump.  I raise my eyebrow and smirk at her, showing the very little pity I have for the people who walk past our apartment. She sighs and turns around, tying the string of her apron behind her back. It sometimes makes me wonder whether she enjoys working in that apron, because she actually drives to work in it. Anyone normal would keep it in their backpack and put it on when they got to work. But that’s none of my business. What is my business though- is getting down and starting MY shift at work. I collect my pile of ironing from the furry grey couch and stuff it into my backpack, being lazy and putting my work clothes on during my shift. Plus, I was planning on going out to Coles after work and doing some shopping, and I certainly would NOT want to be seen in uniform.

As Monique pushes me out the door and locks it, she starts to talk about the ‘legendary Fox radio station’ that got her the two tickets to the One Direction signing. I sigh and push the button labelled down, tuning out so I don’t have to listen to whatever Monique is talking about now. She continues to rave on about how amazing it is that she, out of the millions of screaming fangirls, got the tickets. She talks about how cute Niall will be in person. Then she starts to talk about Nando’s. Soon enough, the conversation has gone from the radio station, all the way to leprechauns and rainbows.
She does this. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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