Chapter 2

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Gabby's POV

"So Nash, what do you do for a living?" My uncle looks up at him in curiousity as Nash takes a bite of baked potatoe from his dish.

Nash looks surprised and my stomach drops instantly as the question slips out of his mouth. From what I remember, Nash doesn't even have one that's official.

"Well, actually I'm going back to college soon so I can finally figure out what I really want to do. In the meantime, I usually work with my brother. We both like working on cars whenever we can." He smiles and I am a bit taken back by his answer.

Nash never told me he works on cars from time to time, mostly because I'm with him all the time.

"Really? You thinking about Mechanics?"

Nash smiles and nods.

"Yeah, my dad taught me a few things. I'm still looking over my options. I always see new things and get interested, then see something else I enjoy even more." He laughs a little, and I stuff another piece of Salmon in my mouth.

The way my Uncle seasons his food is mind-blowing. I hate fish, and salmon is supposed to be the most fishiest seafood there is, but it's absolutely heavonly delicious when Uncle Fred cooks it.

"Gabby had that same problem. She had the worst time trying to figure out what she wanted to do, and she thought about literature for a bit and I was amazed at her writing skills. She's a smart cookie. She just didn't think she was good enough for it. Then she thought about nursing. But she mever could figure out what, maybe the two of you can figure it out together." He grins at us, and neither Nash nor I, hold back a smile.

"Yeah, I'll support her in anything she chooses to do." He assures.


Nash and I had helped to clean up dishes amd worked hard to clean up the dining room, no matter how much Aunt Katherine refused to allow us, we did it anyways.

The rest of dinner went smoothly, and I can already see the relationship between Uncle Fred and Nash develop.

Now, if I can just get to bed.

I walk upstairs to the guest bedroom, unpacking our belongings.

I quickly pull out some toothpaste and my toothbrush and walk into the bathroom and quickly brush my teeth, removing any odor of dinner.

Placing Nash's socks, boxers, and shorts up in the drawers, while hanging up his jeans, pants, t-shirts, polos and a few gym shirts.

I walk back over to the Queen size bed, picking up some of my belongings and proceeding to organize all of the clothes.

I place some of the bath products in the bathroom, and finally slip into something comfy: Nash's pajama pants and a Bob Marley t-shirt.

I hear the door open, instantly startling me from the peaceful quiet, pulling the hem of my shirt down quickly.

I turn my head, knowing it's Nash.

"I scare you?" He chuckles a little and I nod with a small smile.

He glances around, a little surprised.

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