Dear Mr. President... I Think I'm Dating Your Son [8]

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xxx sup guys eighth chapter, don't worry we know its prob getting boring but heyy let this be a reassurance, we know what direction were taking with the book so the stuff in the middle are just fillers - Spoiler alert! (But not really) jks! Chapter 9 and 10 are gonna be pretty explosive chapters so continue to show your support. You know what to do xxx



I looked at the time on my Gucci watch, it was now 5.00 p.m and we (all the people at the camp including teachers) had gathered around a huge bonfire. Marissa was snuggled up next to Michael, both Phoebe and Rachelle were in their own little worlds, and I was considering whether to call Adam or not. I mean whatever Kale and him discussed must have been a touchy subject because Adam didn't seem like the type to get angry easily.

A soft vibration snapped me out of my thoughts; I took my blackberry out and looked at the called id: Adam. I won't lie and say I wasn't happy, a smile made it's way to my face as I answered, "hey"

"Hey, I ummm I'm sorry about before Kale and I sort of had a disagreement".

"Hmm" I replied. I had a feeling it wasn't my place to ask.

"So what are you doing now?"

"Well were camping out for the rest if the week, so were gathered around a bonfire"

"Oh okay, that's cool."

"truth or dare" I heard Cooper James, one of Kale friends announced followed by cheers in agreement

"Ha-ha sounds like your busy" Adam said

"Err I don't really think I want to play" I said attempting to turn away from the group

"Truth or dare..." Cooper began looking around the group "Cassie!"

"Doesn't sound like you have a choice"

"Ergh" I groaned, "lemme call you back"

"no problem, take care"

"Truth" I answered nonchalantly daring Cooper.

"Is it true...?" He says thinking

"Is what true?"

"Is it true you had your first kiss with Kale at age 11" how the heck did he know that?

I got my answer when Kale who was sitting on the other side of the bonfire opposite me, was drinking coke and began to choke and spat it out.

I blushed bright red before looking down and answering "yes"

The crowd cheered and others said things like how 'cuuute' and so on.

After a few others were dared and such I got up and decided to go take a walk. It wasn't completely dark yet because the sun was just setting and I wanted to see the sunset.

I walked towards a mound of boulders, climbed to the top and sat down as I realized it was in perfect view of the sunset.

"thought you'd gone back to the cabin" a husky voice startled me

I gasped before replying "Nuh, I just didn't want to miss the sunset"

"hmm" he replied looking like he was in deep thought (another thing he likes doing repetitively)

"what was up with you and Adam before?"

"ha-ha" he chuckled "just childish stuff, forget about it"

"If you say so" I shrugged, "the sunsets beautiful isn't it?" I asked turning to face Kale and noticing for the first time how good Kale looked under the fading sunlight in the process. His lip twitched as if he was fighting a smile before he turned to me and said

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