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Tyler lay upon the silky red blanket, those eyes staring at the ceiling as deep breaths emitted from his heavy chest like a chorus.

His thin body was sprawled upon the soft surface and made no attempt to move.

The brunette could feel the heat of candles surrounding the room against his skin. The ceiling fan blew in a perfect way so the heat never became unbearing.

Air filled the lungs, air left the lungs.

"More." An airy word left those chapped rose lips in a mere whisper.

Rough hands trailed across the bare, tan flesh as Joshua walked around the bed. A small sensation flew throughout the young veins from the skin-on-skin contact.

"Anything for you." He whispered, no longer lingering his fingers against the caramel skin as those aged hands reached for something, a prized possession in the flamed eyes, an object that made the wolves howl and the wind sneak along the dessert.

A lolled head and fluttered eyes were the sign of a plea.

The eldest boyfriend pulled tighter upon the belt adoring the fleshy arm that was wrapped around the area over the crevice of Tyler's arm.

"More, Joshua."

A wicked man paired with a mirrored smirk brought the needle to hover close to that once pure flesh, one final glace at the flustered beauty and he pushed the menacing object in that created something behind the skull and allowed party streamers to wrap around the frail ribcage in a sickening fashion.

A gasp paired with trembles indicated Tyler was gone.

"Burn slow, there's no rush." A sadistic, hushed blow for his lover beside, the words shall enter the ears and be bargained as correct.

"You're right," if a whisper could be defined as broken, that would be hush flowing through the air. "Always right."

That was everything false and more. This young man believed everything the other spewed, even the most unrealistic of words.

Promise to give him a life like no other where he would feel as if it was a never-endless party built inside his mind. Opening up the door to his brain and and giving the guests party crackers to use any time they chose. The lights were dimly lit and were in a shade of violet. People danced around, climbed upon the bare bodies. Sweat glistened their skin and made the hands clammy. Sometimes it was hard to pull the strings of the gifted objects with the sweat-licked hands, but it was manageable. With each crack, the party room inside the mind became a forest and fire envaded it quickly. The ocean beside became nothing but worthless. It no longer quenched the thirst and left the man there with sounds of fire cracking upon the wood of trees and the ocean waves brush against the sand loudly.

Faith abandoned the man, and did it honestly.

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