Chapter Thirty Two

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That night, I was set. Rick came to pick me up. I was planning to make the whole situation discrete and unnoticeable for the haters but it failed.

I was all dressed up in my room when suddenly, Blaire entered my room with a smirk.

"Hmm, I see you're ready. Rick's waiting for you downstairs." she said. I wanted to disappear at the moment.

"Oh, um. Thanks."

"So, y'all dating?" she teased.

"No. It's a friendly outing."

"Yeah, right." she smiled. I needed to disappear. "Way to go, Harlem."

I looked at Yasmin who just laughed at me.

After Blaire left, I followed.

I reached downstairs and went outside to meet Rick patiently waiting for me, leaning against his fancy Porsche.
He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Hey." I went over to him.

"Hey." he hugged me, "You're beautiful."


He walked over to the other side of the car and opened its door for me. Nice. I went over to enter when suddenly I looked up at the house to surprisingly find most of the girls spying on us from their windows. Even the seniors.

"Oh..." I muttered, surprised. Rick looked up to see what I exclaimed about but of course, the girls all hid.

"What?" he asked.

"No. Nothing."

"Okay. You can get in, Harl."

Before entering, I looked up one last time and they were back. I noticed a frowning Bella spying too. I smirked at her and got into the car.


The date was a great one. Successful. Rick was a great guy.
I got to know him better.
We ate, had fun and chatted a lot. He was a great person to hang out with. He'd done nothing annoying during the date. It was great. He was nice and I knew we'd get along just fine.

Rick pulled up in front of the beta house at eleven PM.

"Hope you had a great time, Harl." he smiled at me and I felt goosebumps take over me.

"I had a wonderful time, Rick. It was fun." I smiled back.

"I'm happy you liked it." he smirked and bam! Goosebumps again. Did I like him? It would surprise me if I did because I didn't just fall easily for guys. But maybe everything would be different with Rick?

"So? I had fun too. And I wanna know if you'll accept a second date with me." he said, slightly nervous.

"A second one? You're asking me on a second date?" I teased a little.


"Hope you know that asking a girl for a second date means you want more than friendship. A second date is like asking a girl out. That is, wanting a relationship."

He smirked again.

"I know." he held my hand and damn, my body was covered in goosebumps. Not good.
"I like you and I make sure that that's evident. So, would you like, a second date? With me?" he smiled.

"Hmmm." I smiled back, "I gotta think lover boy. And me thinking, can take weeks."

"Are you serious??" he chuckled, amused.

"Yup. You want me or not?"

Woah. That question left my mouth faster than I could realise. I Never behaved like this. Yet I did with Rick.

"Yes." he replied in that low deep voice that had me feeling some type of way.

"Well, you're gonna have to wait a long time, love. You're gonna have to be patient and prove yourself."

He smiled.

"Then I'll wait."

"Good. Goodnight. And tell Lucas goodnight for me."

"I will."

He leaned in and tried to kiss my cheek but I stopped him.

"Nope. You gonna have to suffer too." I mused and he laughed.

"Okay. If you think you're gonna drive me away or make me give up with all this hard talk, then you're waisting your time."

"We'll see." I smiled and got out of the car and into the house. I had a lot of things to tell Yasmin. It was official. I liked Rick. But I had to play hard to get. That was a role I knew by heart.


Friday afternoon during one of our classes, while lectures were going on, I received a text from Rick.

-Hey. Jst wntd 2 say hi. P.s - I  ain't giving up ;-)-

I smiled to myself. Yasmin hadn't followed me to class that day and so I was sitting close to Lucas.

"Rick?" he whispered.


"Hmm. This is serious."

I giggled.

"Listen!" the professor suddenly ordered. The whole class was silent.
"Hope you all still remember. We're going on a field trip tomorrow. Remember??"

"Yes sir!" we all replied.

We law students had to travel to go visit some of the best courtrooms in Cove Neck, New York. Not to forget the offices of great judges and lawyers. It was going to be fun. We'd be gone for the whole weekend, only to return on Tuesday night. It was going to be great. Too bad I couldn't go with Yasmin because her name wasn't  on the students' lists.

"Good. Our class is over. Go pack your things. The college bus is gonna be set at nine tomorrow morning."

Lucas leaned in close to my ear.

"This trip's gonna be great." he whispered.

"I know."


At 8:30 the next morning, we were all set and lined up in front  of the college bus. Once our professor called your name, you would enter the bus.

Lucas stood behind me. I honestly was really excited to travel with all the other students. It would be great.

"Harlem Rahim??"

"Yes, sir!"

"Get in."

I turned to Lucas.

"Imma keep you a seat close to me."

"Perfect." he smirked.

I then placed my traveling bag with the other luggage before entering the bus.

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